forum I am extremely insecure when it comes to my writing and I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me
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So… I want to write a story. I've wanted to for years now, honestly. From my 6-year-old self's MLP fanfics to the dumb comics I used to write about my cat, It's always been a dream of mine. Just this year I decided "You know what? I'm not going to achieve this dream if I don't ever try!" so I found a few of my childhood Mary Sues, attempted to make them into decent characters, and started to write some stuff.

But then suddenly, out of nowhere, I was hit with the shocking realization that I absolutely cannot write to save my life.
I kept trying, and eventually just kind of scrapped everything so I could work on creating a decent plot. But then I didn't know what to do or how to create a decent plot, so I created a thread looking for some advice. But now that I have all this great advice, I don't know what to do with it, and I need a writing buddy to help out because I am so lost but I really don't want to give up…

I'm hoping that if I have a friend helping me out, I might be able to make my characters/writing okay enough to not be so embarrassed that I pretend I don't write just to avoid talking about it 😅

So… Who wants to be my writing buddy? Basically, you'd help me decide which ideas are good/which ones are so incredibly awful that they make Sonic smut fics look like Shakespeare, give me advice when needed, and teach me what the heck I'm doing cause I honestly have no clue and don't know why I even bother trying.


  • Don't judge me
  • Please don't judge me
  • I know you're probably going to judge me
  • stop judging me
  • please

That is all!

Also, I can pay you in character artwork if you'd like~
I'm broke and have nothing else to give, sorry

@MarDeColores this is not it kids

Hello, there, Ella! I may be able to help you if you want me to. I might not be available 24-7, but I will help you when I can. If you want me to. :)

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May I help? I have no life and need something to do


You can both help! I know I said "a writing buddy" but honestly the more help, the better
I'll set up a PM or something once I've finished going through all of my characters and deleting the embarrassing stuff I forgot to delete back when I decided to scrap everything-


Hey, I'm totally down for this Ella! Just tell us what you want to work on First, and if you don't know maybe we can help you figure it out! Your story kind of sounds interesting, even if it needs some fleshing out to do, anyway I really like to get invested in helping!

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ALOHA IT'S OKAY WE ALL STARTED AT THE BOTTOM AND I'M ALREADY PROUD OF YOU FOR CLIMBING UP its a long climb but it's fun BUT I'D LOVE TO ASSIST WHEREVER I CAN i'm not confident in a few things but i still enjoy sharing what i know and don't worry i won't judge i've had some pretty cringy stuff in my past and i'm still tweaking the cringy and cliche parts of my stories rn so no judgement here!


Tried again with the updated username and another buddy (@AloeVera :D) but it still isn't working
I don't think it's any of your usernames, this has been happening every time I try to create a group PM so I think it's something to do with me

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;D i shall wait for the PM 2 be created bc i don't wanna accidentally create one while someone else already did lol