forum give me an oc and I’ll make a song that i think fits them
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please i’m so bored
just gimme a character and I’ll make a song that just,,,,, feels like them
all songs are original, but they’re made with garageband lmao (no live loops tho, that’s cheating lmao)
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I don't have a character but I could give you some lyrics to build around, like let say I'll give you a verse or a chorus and you build up on it with your own stuff.


I used to do it as an exercise with a friend of mine, One writes a lyric then someone makes a melody that they think fits and then the other finishes it out with the rest of a chorus. Or the other way around someone writes a melody and then someone writes lyrics. It's a good exercise for a song writers brain.
If you don't think it'll work that's cool to.


So, for a lyric.

How could I dare to dream
Of sunshine
And Blue sky's and starlight
How could I dare to dream for the impossibles of life

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Ooh this is cool ^^

So I've got Eliza. She's a witch with magic generated from the soul power of her victims. She was cursed to not feel love, or any emotion in general. Her mind was warped and she killed lots of people. In a face off with her twin brother, Ezra, he spares her and she stabs him, and over and over she backstabs (Like he spares her later on and she betrays him) him until finally, when he is about to die she pulls it together and sacrifices herself to save her brother, breaking the curse and yeah