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I (20) 've had an idea for a comic for an extremely long time now, and I want to make it a reality. I've recently started practicing my drawing, but I'm still far from good enough and I think even if I was I still couldn't manage it on my own. I don't want someone to draw it for me though, I want to work with someone on the same page at the same time, over the online, which is probably even possible. Maybe. Anyway synopsis of the comic will be down below message me if you're interested thanks bye

Team Cobra is a comic set in the ultra-violent Zephyrsky High School. Student gangs frequently fight for power, all sharing the distant dream of taking down the top gang in the school, Rome. Team Cobra, however, are a gang of four perfectly content with minor squabbles with their friends, and have little interest in the war everyone else is so enamoured with. That is until a run in with the leader of Rome, Caesar XXII, gives them an opportunity and a motive to fight the leadership directly, bypassing the goons that prevent everyone else getting close. The condition?
Beat every other gang in the school. First try. On their rules.


:000 i'd love to tryy
i'm not experienced with drawing people at all
so while i can't really colour
(i've recently drawn myself to the attention that i almost always just flat colour LJKSDF)
i cannn kinda sketch
decent at lineart ig