forum Anyone Know Any Good Beginner Guitar Songs?
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So far I know Take On The World by You Me At Six, Things That Make It Warm by Cavetown, and that's about all I remember. I've had a guitar for three years, but I always give up when I start practicing because I have no one to teach me and I have a penchant for choosing really difficult songs for beginners (like I tried to learn Take Her To The Moon by Waterparks, and I hated myself for it…so many barred chords…and Awsten Knight is such an aggressive teacher…).

For reference I'm able to do some barred chords, but not very well. I'm fine with hammer-ons and pull-offs. I have a capo and I know how to tune to different steps. I like finger style and traditional. The things I struggle with most are, of course, transitioning between chords and then chords that require stretching my pitifully short fingers over four-five frets at a time.

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Hm let’s draw on my next to nothing guitar knowledge XD

-Hey Jude by the Beatles
-Elenor Rigby by the Beatles
-Counting Stars by OneRepublic
-The Judge by Twenty One Pilots
And of course
-Riptide by Vance Joy