forum why are new discussions starting with like 50 or so followers?
Started by @south-is-a-tad-bit-outraged

people_alt 58 followers


i don’t really have an issue with it, i’m just genuinely curious. i’m not sure if it’s every discussion, i’ve just been noticing that new discussions automatically start with a decent amount of followers and i’m wondering if it’s a glitch, or if like, the followers of the creator automatically follow the chat. just curious ig


It's neither. You can set it so you automatically follow every new discussion created, and that's why you automatically see that

@andrew flash_onAdmin

Yep, in your forum settings (accessed by clicking "Settings" in the top-right of any forums page), you can choose to follow all new topics and/or all new topics in specific boards. Any time you see followers immediately after creating a thread, it's usually those people who are auto-following at the start.