forum Small Issue in Timelines
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@PurplePartyTiger languageTheCrystalChronicles

I wanna bring this up while I'm thinking about it and still somewhat lucid lol. I don't know if it has been brought to anyone's attention yet before now, but better safe than sorry.

Currently using desktop, dunno yet if it's an issue on mobile too.
I will make an event inside my timeline, and move it up to where I want it. Then I will scroll back down to make a new event. But when I click on the title box, I will be teleported back up to the event I recently finished and moved. Ok. Scroll back down, try again. Pop, back up to the finished event.
This will happen a couple more times and suddenly stop without reason, everything just goes back to normal and I can now edit the new timeline event.

If this has already been brought up I would greatly appreciate some assistance in fixing the problem. Cuz it's a problem. Aaand I obviously need sleep. Love you bye.