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Hey! I’ve been working on a Pokémon document of mine for about an hour now. As I was updating some formatting on it, my screen froze, and it wouldn’t let me do a thing on my browser until 30 seconds later when it kicked me out and reloaded itself. (I’m on mobile, using Safari - that’s a common thing that occurs when a certain app is causing too much stress on the device.) When I opened my browser again and my document appeared, I realized that the last 10 minutes or so of work hadn’t saved, despite the “Saving…” bar at the bottom reassuring me that all was fine as I worked. Thankfully, I was just copying and pasting things from another program, so I still have all of my lost work backed up, but right now it won’t let me edit a thing. I’m not sure if this is a problem with my specifically, or a site-wide error, but just in case anyone else was having issues saving, I decided to make a post about it. This has taken me about 5 or so minutes to write, if a timeframe helps you find whatever caused this. Thank you!

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Hey, thanks for letting me know about this! Someone else reported that the editor was using a lot of memory in their browser today, so I'm looking into it. I'm not seeing it happen even in my longest documents, but I'm experimenting with other browsers/setups and trying to replicate it so I can get whatever's going on fixed! Thanks for the timeframe also; that should help with investigation! :)