forum Is there a way to link pages to pages from another universe?
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Hi! So, I’ve recently noticed that whenever I have a link field and click on the field to link it to something, all that show up are the pages that are part of that universe. This is a problem for me, because I have a separate universe laid out (and unshared, if that means anything) for my unfinished pages and pages which contain spoilers for my roleplay. Is there any way to link pages through these link fields to pages that are part of a separate universe? Using the mention feature doesn’t list those options either, by the way, and all of the pages I’m attempting to link to are unshared, if that’s part of the problem.

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Heyo! I just tried something out — it turns out I can link things to my other shared universe (two out of four of them are shared) but not to the unshared ones. I’m pretty sure that’s the problem now, not the separate universes. :)

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Heyo! There's a couple bugs with links on shared/collaborating universes that are getting fixed in tonight's release, but if you don't mind – can I clarify what you mean above?

Do you mean you created two universes and you're trying to link pages from one, in the other – but don't see pages to link except those in the current universe? If so, you should be able to click the "All universes" button (or the name of your currently-focused universe) under "" in the sidebar and select "All universes" from the list. Whenever you select a universe in that list it focuses your notebook on that universe (all new pages are created in that universe, all of your link fields only show pages from that universe, etc). If you select "All universes", you'll still be able to edit pages like normal, but your links and mentions will show all of your pages from all universes instead (instead of being limited to just the currently-focused universe).

If you mean you're collaborating on universes and want to link pages that other people have added to that universe, that's being added in tonight's release. You'll be able to link any page within your collaborating universes rather than just the ones you've created. :)

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Ah, great, thank you! I was talking about the former, but I’m super excited for the latter nonetheless. Thank you for all of your hard work into this site!