forum is there a way to change the text sizes in documents?
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I've started using documents a lot more. I tend to write notes in other apps while on the go then copy and paste into a document but whenever I do that the font ends up being really big or really small compared to the average size when you start a new document and I don't know how to get it all to the same size.

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Currently the only size options outside of the default within the documents is the H1, H2, and H3 options to make Headings.

If you want to make everything you've copied and pasted into the document the same size as the documents default, you highlight the selection and then press the eraser-looking icon on the very far right end of the menu. This'll remove the formatting and revert the text back to the document default.

Be warned if you do this, it removes ALL formatting. So if you have bolds, italics, etc already in place, it will remove it all from the text you've highlighted and you'll have to re-add it.