forum I got a warning about a rule I wasn’t aware of
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So I’ve posted dark stories with proper TWs before, but this time I got a warning??? I’ve not seen anyone else get warned (and someone literally has a thread called Killing Game up.) is there a new rule and if so, is it retroactive? (Only asking here so EVERYBODY sees the answer.)

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Hi there, To answer your question, yes this has always been a rule, sadly we can't always see every new post that pop's up on the forums, there have in fact been multiple occasions where we've warned people about their posts, and of course once we see them we will give out a warning because there are younger people on this platform and we don't want to be getting in trouble with parents because a child got upset about what they saw.
There's also a post on the forums with the rules In them if you wish to read them, I'd suggest you do that.

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