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So, any time I try to save an answer for a prompt, whether on the main page or in the ‘more prompts’ area, it comes up with a white page that has this~


I don’t really know what it is. It does seem to save the answer I had, as far as I can tell, but I have to reload the page, or back out, or somehow get out of the white page and back to the Notebook main page. And, it doesn’t give me a ‘this has been saved’ tab. I have to check the little list of recently updated pages (like character or race pages), and it’ll show the page I had answered the prompt for as ‘just updated’.

I hope my description of this makes sense. It’s doesn’t seem to be a major issue, since it looks like it’s actually saving, it’s just confusing as hell.

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Looks like you found a bug! This stems from the new, more robust autosave feature I added today; what you're seeing is a confirmation message to make sure the change was actually saved correctly, but the bug is that it isn't properly redirecting after saving. Everything is saving correctly, but the redirect needs fixing so you don't have to navigate manually from the recently edited pages.

I'll get this fixed up in tomorrow's release. Thank you!