forum Error 500 on character page and not sure why?
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I'm getting an Error 500 whenever I attempt to view this character page:

I can still edit it with no problem and as far as I can tell this is the only one of my pages that is receiving this error. Any help as to what might be glitching out here?


I'm getting the error 500 on character editing and only that, don't know why, Can you fix it please? It's been happening for a few days now and I haven't even finished editing my ocs.

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@NeonTech-Sharky is the page set to public view? I tried clicking the link but it denied me permission.


@henryaaaa I checked, just turned the page public


Man I still can use the editor, I desperately want to edit and finish making my characters :(

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@NeonTech-Sharky Sorry it's taken so long to figure out this bug, but it looks like it's a byproduct of some fields having blank labels in your customized character template. I've gone ahead and renamed your troublesome link fields to "Unnamed Field" (but you're welcome to rename them), and it looks like you should be able to edit your characters again. I'll have a separate fix out soon to make sure it doesn't happen again or to anyone else!


Omg wow, thank you so much.


@andrew I'm currently having the same issue as NeonTech-Sharky, I'm unable to edit any of my characters due to it going to a page saying "500 - Something went wrong." , I tried creating new characters and I'm still unable to edit them.

Please help.