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So, this is more out of curiosity, and to double-check as well, but I have a particular document that is huge (as in, just shy of 154,000 words) and when I work on it, I can only do so for short periods (minutes at a time, to be more specific) before it gives me the ‘having trouble saving’ tab at the bottom. Now, I do still have horrible internet connection, and I know for a fact that’s a major contribution.

Now, what I was wondering is, would this be just a bad internet problem? Or would it be a size problem as well, where I would have to break the story into smaller documents to basically ‘lighten the load’? It honestly wouldn’t surprise me, since I’ve had this issue before on the Apple Notes app (I have an older IPhone, just fyi), but I just don’t feel like breaking apart this beast unless I have to, lol (and I may have to anyway for other reasons, lmao!).

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So… this is probably not just a bad internet problem. I wouldn't be surprised if autosaving such a large document takes a lot longer than normal documents and might fall "behind" on saving after a while (still processing the previous save when queueing up new saves), which could result in your "having trouble saving" errors.

I'll do some investigation on this soon, but I might be able to adjust the autosave a bit to just autosave slightly less frequently as the size of a document grows, which might help out a lot here without you having to break your document up into smaller chunks.

I can let you know here when that change is live so you can see how much it helps. :)

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Ah, that could make sense. And, it now makes me think of whenever I’m getting into the document. It does take a bit longer to load than my other stories, obviously, but if I’m trying to scroll down I have to be real slow or it quickly gets twitchy/glitchy and might kick me off. Now, I’m not sure if that’s related to the autosaving issues, or any issues at all, but I believe that’s, at least, size related. I just didn’t think of it until now. (It’s actually been awhile since I’ve worked on this particular story, and I just got back into it, otherwise I probably would’ve said something sooner).

Thank you for looking into this, and that would be helpful!