forum Character page won’t let me remove my text from a field
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Hi! Today, I realized that part of my character’s page was totally unnecessary, so I put my hand on the backspace key and got rid of it all. But when I went to my changelog, I realized it didn’t show an update, and when I went into view mode, I could still see my old text. For some reason, it hadn’t allowed me to remove my text from the fields — or at least it hadn’t saved them. I tested this multiple times, removing my text in various ways, but nothing’s worked. In the meantime, I’ve replaced the text in those fields with periods, but still, they’re a bit of an eyesore. I’m not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but I thought I’d come over here to the support forms and let you know just in case it is and you feel the need to fix it.

Here’s Ray, the character I was doing this on, if you want to see what I’m talking about. The two fields in question are on his Looks page.

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Oof, you're right. This looks like an unintended side-effect of one of the systems in place to preserve data if an autosave errors out (and would otherwise try to delete a field's text). I'll do some testing and get a fix out in tonight's release so you can properly delete whole fields without adding a period! Thanks for letting me know!