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@Nyx-Is-Dating-Jaiden! health_and_safety ac_unitJaiden's kitten!

Okay do I've noticed there are a lot of bots on this website and I know this a discussion on her specifically for shining the light on them but I can't find it any more sadly so I will be posting bots profiles here try not to reply to this page unless you are bringing a hot profile thank you!

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Bots are a constant problem and I appreciate all the help I can get! :)

The majority of bots get shadow-banned quickly (their account continues to exist, but any forum posts they make get automatically hidden to everyone other than themselves), but some still get through. I check the bot thread but also try to quickly work through posts that are reported (with the three-dot menu on any post) as well as ones I'm @-mentioned in. New threads that make it through the spam filter get automatically posted to our Discord so I can act on them quickly, too. :)

Thanks for all the help!

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(SERP, I was legit just about to report the same user lol)

Deleted user

Might be a bot

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oh. That's hilarious. Didn't know the use of the words "cash" and "app" would autocorrect to that XD I was just trying to clarify why I thought it was a bot, since the name isn't super obvious