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I filed an in-depth bug report about this before, but I just thought I'd post about it here to make sure this was seen. There had been an annoying bug where, if I make a tag with an apostrophe in it, will turn into &# 39; (without the space, it just turns into an apostrophe here without it) after saving, going off the page, and then reloading the edit page. Furthermore, if I add a tag, have it save, go off-page and then reload the edit page, the &# 39; will become & amp;#39;, (again without the space) adding amp; in that spot for every time those steps (add a tag, save, go off page, go back to edit page) are repeated, creating chains like & amp;amp;#39;, & amp;amp;amp;#39; for every time I do this without fixing it. The same thing happens for ampersands, but with just & amp;, adding amp; to it likewise when the edit tags > save > reload procedure is done, resulting in chains like & amp;amp; & amp;amp;amp; etc for however many times I do this. I'm really getting tired of fixing this every time I use an apostrophe or ampersand, which results in duplicated tags and me not being able to find things under tags with those things in it because only the things that I haven't edited the tags again for show up, the rest are in the reloaded tags i.e. the ones with & amp;#39; or worse, & amp;amp;#39; or & amp;amp;amp;#39; depending on how many times I got lazy and didn't fix it. It can even break the tags and make them unnecessarily long, making it so in one case I ended up with a tag word-wrapping outside the tag bubble, like so: . So, yeah. Please fix this. This is a hassle and at worst it can get pretty ugly.

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Hey! Thanks for letting me know about this. I'll try to get this fixed up for tonight's release – and I can probably also automatically fix all the & amp; / &# 39; etc for existing tags so you shouldn't have to fix it manually again. I'll update here when the fix is live. Thanks again for the heads up!

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Hey, just a quick update on this: the fix is now live, so you shouldn't see any more weirdness around special characters in tags. I've also automatically replaced all & with & and all ' with an apostrophe (as well as all " with a quote) in all existing tags, so they should be back to what you (and any other affected users) originally intended. Thanks again for letting me know about this (and the more detailed bug report!); sorry for the delay in getting it fixed!