forum anyone else getting error 500s when they click their own profile?
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Getting them today too, I went onto my profile to try and unfollow Eva because she's the only person I follow other than Andrew and I felt creepy about it. Error 500s across the board.

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Update: tried to click mine For Science and yeah, I'm still getting them too. If it means anything, I'm pretty sure that me, Leo, and Ella all have other sites linked in our bios (my Goodreads, Leo's Pinterest, and Ella's Instagram iirc) so that might be the common denominator?


Yee. I can click on my own profile and I'm fine. I just tried to check out Eva's, Ella's, and Leo's, and I kept getting Error 500 each time (except for Leo's, which oddly worked just now for some reason)

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Looks like the fix in tonight's release worked. :)

Links were a great theory (and I'll keep an eye on them in case they also cause any other problems – do let me know if you see any other profiles with an error, please!) but this time it looks like it was caused by the following scenario:

  1. You had to have shared something to the Stream recently enough for it to still be on your profile
  2. Someone else had to have commented on that share
  3. That someone else had to have then deleted their account

After that, their comments were what was erroring because I was trying to fetch a commenting user's name, but the user was deleted – and voila!, we have an error.

After a user deletes their account, their comments on shares now show up as "Deleted user" like they do on the forums. That should fix the errors on profiles!

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thanks andy :)

you know what, I'm just gonna stick to Andrew