forum Accessibility Issues With Voiceover On iPhone and iPad
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@andrew Okay. This has been long in the making, and I apologize for not getting into it sooner. I started my senior year of high school and have been really busy with the stress of it all. I really wish I could have told you about this when you first released this new design, I apologize for not saying anything sooner.

To make long story short, this new design, though it is still accessible, is not as user friendly as the former one. Now the page categories are spoken as separate icons as their labels and they're spoken first instead of after the fields which makes for a lot more scrolling and a more tedious world building process which makes it hard to concentrate on what I'm trying to jot down since I'm so focused on figuring out where the thing I want is so I can select it. Also (I can understand why some people would like this but I don't) I wish there was a setting to hide the prompts for what to write in the fields when viewing the pages. I liked it much better when it was just the name of the field and then its content.

One more thing, though I love the new document features, they are extremely difficult to use with voiceover with confusing labels for buttons and (what I'm guessing to be) an extremely spacial/visual layout that does not translate well with a screenreader. I have no clue how these issues could be fixed, but if you would be willing to try I'd very much appreciate it. Thank you.

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Hey Zoe, my apologies for the late response. I appreciate you pointing this out and detailing the issues. I'll spend some time working through the new design and auditing how it works with screenreaders so we can get it sorted out and at least as good (but hopefully better!) than the previous design. I'm also planning on adding some new customization features soon (like hiding the prompts for what to write in the fields when visiting pages) that should help a lot going forward.

I also have a lot of changes for the new document features in the works, but I'll make sure I improve the layout to be more accessible to screenreaders. It's definitely spacial/visual right now, but it's certainly not in a final state.