forum what are the dumbest/wierdest/most wacky things you have Googled for your writing purposes?
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I have googled some weird things, and so has my writer sister, so I'm just curious what else google has had to try to answer from us crazy bookworms!

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me, I have just today googled "what do you call medieval fantasy FaceTime mirrors" bc I thought there was a word for the thing, but google couldn't help me.

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What is the average density of a gorilla?
What is the average strength of a coconut crab?
What is the highest G force a human body can withstand before becoming deformed?
What is the deepest depth we've found octopi at?
Algae based gel shells?
Necrotic bacteria brain control?

I write Sci-fi fantasy XD

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I don't really know, but I have googled lots. Some of it probably offensive to lots of people. As I like to know what I'm writing about when it comes to my villians.
But some of what I've good is as follows:

How to build a potato battery
How many poi d's can I put on my head before my neck breaks?
Brain eating magic?
Sparkling vampires or overheated wolves?