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Hi All, just thought I'd share some of my chapter titles. Feel free to rate, provide feedback on, or guess what they're about. Context for the novel they're a part of is that it's a fantasy realm, pseudo-medieval, where the MC goes from town to town trying to establish his rule as their new king and boost his popularity. Attempting to write in a Terry Pratchet style.

  • The Road at the End of the Universe
  • Madame Dubois and Her Glass Eyes
  • Mister Mondivario's Shoppe of Existential Crises
  • The Door of Despair
  • The Knight and the Lion Cub
  • The Great Wizard Sinrith
  • A Castle Amongst the Clouds
  • The Vampyr of Holdfast Wood
  • The Marble of the Tides
  • A Quest for a Noble Fool
  • The Clock with Twelve Hands
  • Pyotr, the Barkeep
  • A Horror Beneath the Ruined Tower
  • The Town with All the Trees
  • The Crook and the Crystal Ball
  • Bringer of Light
  • Janus, Son of Janus
  • The Goings of a Very Regular Shrew
  • The Tomb of Elva Shoeshiner

Thoughts, comments, queries? If you have any, let me know.