forum Please read this bc I'm sick and I might miss my workshop tomorrow and that makes me sad :(
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Hi I'm really proud of this fic but I am sick and I had submitted it for a class for workshop, which is supposed to happen tomorrow, BUT I got sick really suddenly out of the blue and if I don't feel better by tomorrow, I probably won't actually be able to have my workshop. This makes me very very sad because I've been working on this piece all semester and I was really excited to have people read it…

I'll say rn I'm not really looking for critical critique, I mainly just want people to read it since I'm so proud of it. If you notice some horrible error, let me know, but yeah just have some adorable traumatized gay military men who love each other very much and don't know how to say that out loud.

Trigger warnings are at the start of the document


GUYS PLS thanks so much TwT They are my baby boys, I want to hug both of them multiple times
I really appreciate you guys reading it <3 <3