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I really like what you have so far! You have a strong writing style and you've created a really interesting premise. My only problem is the index. I think it's helpful for readers to refer back to if they forget something (and I love how you wrote it, you give interesting information but also keep it vague. Also, your world sounds so cool) but personally I don't think it should be necessary to read to understand the book. I think it would be better if you revealed the information to the reader as they go through the text. I don't know how integral you meant for the index to be to the story, but there were several words in the first chapter that would be hard to understand without the index.


Thank-you so much for the feedback!~
The index is actually partly for me too, so I don't lose track of my worlds and character! :) And also, to keep the text less cluttered with explanations of things. I just it felt the vague style of this book a little better ^^
I totally get what you're saying tho! If I ever re-write this, I'll definitely. But be seeing if I can do without it :)

But I'm really glad you liked it <3 Thanks for taking the time to read it!