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Evening, the sun was just beginning to set in the west, the sky turning hues of orange, pink, and dark purple. A towering manor was silhouetted in the distance, a winding path leading from the gates and through amber fields.
Most have already went home for the night, to rest until the next day, where once again work would commence for the peasants in the fields. Though, there was a single, strange cloaked figure, just standing in the middle of the road upon a hill that led downwards into the gates of the Manor's courtyard. The stranger stood there, the black cloak shifting ever so slightly in the gentle breeze of the evening air.
A few more moments, and the figure suddenly started to move. As darkness descended upon the lands, the glow of light coming from lanterns and inside the manor were the only things illuminated in the night. Several guards walked along the perimeters of the manor's walls, keeping watch.

The cloaked figure made not a sound as they approached. They soon came to rest against the stone wall, head turning back and forth, on high alert, searching for immediate threats. Once seeming settled that there weren't any guards within the vicinity, did the cloaked one take the moment to look up at the wall keeping it out of the manor's property.
A soft chuckle seemed to come from the hood. The figure crouched low, then with a leap no normal human should be able to make, vaulted upwards. A soft thud sounded as the stranger now perched upon the top of the wall. They glanced downwards, hidden gaze taking everything in, taking mental notes. The figure darted along the wall, somehow managing to keep their balance and barely make a sound, all while moving at unnatural speed. With another leap, the figure was soon upon the roof of the large, stone building. It crept along, glancing around every few moments as it moved towards the eastern side of the manor. The stranger soon perched upon the edge, seemingly looking downwards. Beneath sat a window, darkened with no lights it appeared.
The cloak shifted, a long, serpentine tail suddenly snaking downwards from behind the figure. Once down, the tip of the tail proceeded to tap the window lightly exactly seven times. It moved the tail off to the side, waiting patiently.

A few minutes passed, then the soft creak of the window opening sounded below. Soon a young woman leaned out of the window, auburn hair flowing past her shoulders. She looked below for several moments, then looked upwards, as if knowing very well the shadowy figure would be there, waiting for her.
A grin crossed her features, giving a slight wave toward it. Once again, the serpentine tail appeared, slipping into the window, lightly wrapping around her waist, carefully, gently lifting her out and upwards. Higher the woman rose, safe in the strong grip of the figure's tail.
Carefully, the cloaked one set the woman down next to them self on the rooftop. A chuckle came from inside the hood, a male voice coming from the darkness, "Well well, heellooo pretty lady."
The cloaked figure received a playful shove from the woman, smile still on her features, "Oh hush you big lizard."

The figure clicked his tongue, then swept the young woman off her feet, now holding her bridal style. A flash of fangs inside the darkness of the hood as the male seemed to be grinning to her.
"Careful, else this 'lizard' will be eating you for a snack."
Then with a sudden bound, the cloaked figure jumped downwards, onto the wall, then to the ground, taking off into the nearby forest.

@Dragoncita group

Time passed, the wind seeming to pick up as the cloaked figure sped through the trees, carrying his precious cargo. Eventually though, he started to slow down, soon coming to a steady walk. As he did, the wind also calmed down.
"Ah, and here we are pretty lady, one special moonlit grove, just for you."
The serpentine tail had snuck around, parting the branches so they could see ahead. Laid out before the pair, a lush greenery carpeted the earth, several trees rising from the ground, seeming to create a circle. In the middle of the circle, a large rock sat, the moonlight shining downwards, seeming to cast a reflection upon the stone.

He set the young woman down, now taking the time to remove the cloak that had once been covering his features. As the cloak was hung upon a tree branch, a man who appeared to be in his 20's stood in place. He seemed normal enough, except for the fact of the serpentine tail coming from the base of his spine, dark purple, spiky hair ending with fiery orange tips. Then his eyes, there were no pupils, just alien orbs of purplish orange light.
The woman glanced over to him, her green eyes holding a playful hint, "About time you took off that cloak."

The male chuckled, giving a shrug, "Sorry hun, just kind of a necessary thing when I go out stealing young ladies such as yourself."
He stuck out his tongue, forked like a snake, at her. In response, he received a light slap to the top of his head. The man swatted at the air as she pulled away again. A smirk crossed his features as he looked towards her.
"Alright, alright, so anything in par-…"

The man was cut short as the woman took his hand, pulling him along towards the middle of the moonlit grove. The smile she held, her green eyes reflecting the bright moon above as her gaze met his own.
"What do you think silly? I want to dance this night away! I've been tied up inside nearly all day listening to all that 'How to be a Lady' stuff, I just want to move!"

The smirk changed to a playful smile to match the woman's own. He twisted, suddenly pulling her closer to him, hand setting on her hip, the other holding her hand. He looked down towards her, being slightly taller compared to her. The man's eyes locked onto her green.
"Then allow me, to start this night right."

The dance then commenced between the man and woman. It started slow, a careful waltz between the trees. As the night progressed, the insects, the very sounds of nature seemed to come together, creating a natural rhythm for the duo. There was not a cloud in the sky, the moonlight providing a natural spotlight for the pair.
The waltz took a turn, becoming more active, twirls, pushing and pulling. As he pulled her close, the woman looked up towards his eyes, that playful smile on her features, "How about taking it up a notch Strun, I wanna see just how good you are."

The man grinned down at her, showing sharp fangs, "Is that so? Then challenge accepted."
The exposed skin along his face and hands seemingly rippled, purple scales coming to replace the human skin. His form then began to grow, becoming much larger. A slight shimmer of light, sparks of electricity racing around the male's body, obscuring him from view. Yet, none of these electrical pulses seemed to be harming the lady as she held to his…hand?
No, it was no longer a hand, now she was holding the tip of a brazen claw. Pointed back in a fist were several more claws. The man that had once been there just a few moments ago, had been replaced with a large, dark purple dragon. Magma like crystals appeared to be attached to its elbows, more sprouting from around its head and along its hips. The horns curved out on either side of the beast's head, but a tender smile was on its muzzle.
It glanced downwards towards the woman who still held its claw. The voice coming from the maw deeper than before, but still having the same tone as the man who once stood in the dragon's place, "Now then, shall the dance continue?"

The dragon placed another claw down beside the other which his lover held, tiptoeing his claws along to the chirping of crickets. The woman twirled between the bronze claws, falling backwards in a dip, a claw curling around, carefully catching her, then bumping her back to her feet. All the while, the dragon sat back on his haunches, smiling as he used his claws to continue their dance.

@Dragoncita group

The strange dance between the dragon and the woman continued on through the night. They had finally stopped as the moon started to fall.

The dragon was laying on his stomach, head between his paws, the lady leaned back into his shoulder, head resting against the beast's neck. She appeared to be exhausted, but the smile, her sweet smile remained on her face. Her eyes struggled to stay open, head continuing to nod off as sleep started to overtake her.
A soft rumble came from the dragon, his eye moving to rest on her. The beast also had a smile on his muzzle, "Alright, think that's enough for the night. Best be getting you home love."

The woman turned her head slightly, glancing upwards towards the dragon. She yawned, speaking, "I suppose…father will be expecting me to entertain our 'guests' today."
She gave a sigh at the thought. It was never something she looked forward to, but being the daughter to a Lord, it was just something that came with the territory.

The dragon continued to rumble softly. Ah yes, his fiancé was indeed a wealthy lord's daughter, one who seemed closely connected to the human king. Yea, its been nearly a year since then. He'd be there to help if he could, but the relationship between man and dragon currently, was not on good terms as of recently.
A puff of black smoke rose from his nostrils, a few sparks of electricity jumping between the strange crystals on parts of his body. His eyes gazed off into the distance for several moments, then he slowly stood. As the dragon stood, his body started to shrink, the sheet of electricity starting to cover his form.
Once again, the man who first brought the lady to the grove stood in the dragon's place. He stood up from his place next to her, walking towards the tree. The male reached out towards his cloak he had hung up, covering his body. As he finished, he turned back, returning to the young woman.

He reached downwards, gently, carefully pulling her to her feet. His lover seemed to be asleep, or just about. The man chuckled softly as he moved her, cradling her in his arms. He placed a tender kiss on her forehead, then took off into the forest, returning his love to her manor.

If only that moment could've lasted…