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heavily inspired by Lemon Boy by Cavetown

you have to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad

love what you got, and remember what you had

always forgive, but never forget

learn from your mistakes, but never regret

people change, and things go wrong

but just remember, life goes on

A little blond boy ran up to his brunette friend, holding something in his hands, and bouncing up and down excitedly. "Oscar! Look what I just got!" The boy's friend, Oscar, looked down at the boy's hands, in which he was holding a small seedling in a bag of dirt. "Wow, Robin. that's cool. What is it though?" Robin pouted playfully. "Oscar, it's a sapling! Your mom said we could plant it in your backyard." Robin smiled. "I've always wanted to have a tree in my yard. What kind of tree is it?" He asked, walking with Robin to the shed to retrieve the gardening tools. Robin smiled "A Lemon tree!" The two picked a spot near the middle of the yard. One with growing space, and lots of sunlight. They worked all morning to plant the seed. Once they had completed their task, they watered it and went inside to drink some cool lemonade. After that day, Robin and Oscar took turns watering the tree. They watched it grow and flourish, just like their friendship. They spent every day together, talking about their tree, their days, and other interesting topics. As they grew, so did their feelings. They started to think about one another in ways they never have One day, Robin walked into Oscar's backyard, pouting. "What's wrong?" Oscar asked. Robin replied, almost breaking into tears "I'm moving. I'm moving to Florida" Oscar panicked "Florida?! But you can't move there! It's so far away from Michigan!" Robin just sobbed "I know" Oscar hugged Robin "Hey. It's alright. I have your number, and we can talk over the phone. I'll take good care of the tree. But for now, we can't worry about all of that. Let's just enjoy the time we have left together." Robin sniffed, wiping his tears. "Your right. Let's sit under the tree. I'll go make some lemonade."

Years later, Oscar was still living in the same house he had before. He was an adult now. His parents had long passed. He just didn't want to leave behind the memories. The tree was strong and healthy, and all the childhood memories were preserved in the photos and the yard. Everywhere in the house reminded him of Robin. Somewhere along the way, communication between him and Robin had stopped. Oscar loved Robin. Not platonically. Romantically. He realized this shortly after Robin moved. Nothing was as good as it was when he was there. Sitting under the tree felt weird. Lemonade was never as refreshing. Laughing felt empty. Nothing was the same. All of a sudden, Oscar was broken out of his thoughts by a knock on the door. He jumped up to open it, and when he got to the door, he was highly confused. There stood a tall, blonde man. He had amber eyes and dusty skin, peppered with freckles around his eyes and nose. "Do I know you?" Oscar said dejectedly. He looked just like Robin. He couldn't be. Robin was in Florida How many people did he know that had amber eyes though? The man laughed. "Know me? You grew up with me. Hi Oscar. Is the tree okay?" Oscar's heart dropped, as did his composure. He broke down in tears and hugged his childhood best friend. "Robin!? I thought you were in Florida. Come inside, come see the tree. It's grown a lot" Oscar said, releasing his hug. Robin smiled. Oscar had grown a lot too. Not height-wise, but he was still obviously older. His hair had gotten darker, almost black, and his feature less soft and more worn. He was cute. They got to the tree and sat under it, Oscar had poured two cups of lemonade, made exactly as it was when they were kids. They chatted and caught up. "So, I've been thinking," Robin said. "About what?" Oscar replied curiously. "I think I love you," Robin said nonchalantly. At that Oscar's heart soared. "Really?! I love you too! Let's never be apart again!" Robin nodded. And with that, the story is over.