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So im writing a trilogy of books and this will be the first one.
I will be posting small bits of it for you guys to read (most likely by chapter but i haven't decided yet)
Im currently working on the first book and i need motivation. I feel like this will help
I've had people ask to read my stories on here so i thought i might as well post it up here for everyone to read ^^
This is a rough draft so bare with me lol.
But also, im not putting this up for constructive criticism or criticisms in any way. This is the rough draft. I know its bad. Don't remind me. That's not what you're here for. All you (hopefully) are here for, is to read a story and have a nice time.
don't say anything in this chat unless its positive and in parenthesis please. Idk if anyone would even like this but i mean here goes nothing ig?
This isn't a chat for people to talk to each other. If you guys would like and if this gets attention literally at all, we can make a chat just for this. i think that'd be pretty fun.
But don't post a whole bunch on here. Just read and let me know if you like it please :)
I will be posting often, so you letting me know you're either reading it or like it lets me know whether or not i need to stop posting haha

So this book has a lot of triggering topics. If you cant handle this, don't read it for your sake please. I will not be putting trigger warnings here so this will be your big warning (unless i put it at the beginning of the post or something idk yet haha)
It starts out really rough but it slowly eases up but like its still pretty rough. So again, be prepared. This is your big trigger warning!!!
There will be slightly spicy scenes but no smut. But hey, there is romance in this!!

This is the story of Cassius Avian Thomas Sandoval. A man born in Egypt as a slave who tries his best to find his way through the world in the 1800s.
(im not super educated on the 1800s or Egypt or honestly a lot of things. like i said, rough draft. you got something to say about it, keep your little mouth SHUT :) please and thank you
Anyone who knows his story from me telling you, don't spoil it for others please. If you would like to talk to me about it, pm me!
If you have criticism though, dont :) respectfully. Anyone who tries to will be seen as disrespectful bc guess what? :D i didnt ask :)
(theres a difference between asking for constructive critisism and giving it and just giving it out. you know what thats called right? you got it!! rude '__'
I can take it but that isn't what im looking for, as this is the first rough draft.
If you guys like this, please let me know! And also let others know! Copy the link to this and send it to your friends if you think they'd like this. :) (but like not if they're mean please haha)

Im going to tag @Adaras bc you said you'd like to read my story so consider this a gift, from me to you :3

I do paintings of the characters in this story so if you'd like to see them as you go through this story, they'll be right here!
Don't look at the paintings if you do not know the character name above (like if you haven't read that far yet but I've posted it anyway) this is so you don't get spoilers
Anywho, I will add more as the story goes on :)

Eva (first mentioned in chaper 1 part 1)

Lania and Cassie (Lania is mentioned in part 2 of chapter 1.)



Without further ado….

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Chapter I

The room is dark and hot, small bits of light seeping through the cracks in what Eva could only assume were metal panels bolted together. The walls didn’t act as a protector from the heat but more as a hot-box*. As if they were being cooked alive inside of this container of sorts. She and multiple other poor souls lay on the ground, their nails and hands bloody from trying to dig out of this place from underneath. Though from exhaustion, heat, and hours of trying to break through the hard earth, they’ve given up. Now lying lifelessly against the cool ground; the only sign of life is now their hoarse breath.
She sits near the middle as everyone else, since contact with the skin and the metal panels would burn the cells clean off your body. Her son lays in her lap, trying not to pass out from the heat. His blonde hair sticks to his skin thanks to the sweat that covers him.
The flooring below them was only dirt and rocks, all grass that might have been there now shriveled up and dead. If there was any to begin with.
Eva’s eyes struggle to stay open, her head rocking back and forth to keep her from passing out. She had to stay awake for her boy. The only thing her life was worth fighting for anymore.
Her head turns to the sound of one of the other women calling for her sleeping sister. Her torn up and bloody hands lay on her sister to shake her awake. When her head rolls over to the other side and her eyes stay open, her chest laying still and her lungs lifeless, the woman starts to sob, picking her up in her weak arms. Her body is limp though it will stay warm for longer than a lifeless soul should in this small prison.
She calls her sister's name out while desperately trying to wake her. All of the other women shielding their children's eyes and looking away, holding in tears. Unable to mourn.
Eva stares blankelessly at the body. The corpse’s skin is red, burns and blisters dotting the skin along her body. None of the people in here owned any clothes to cover themselves up with, so the body was exposed for everyone to see. Though nobody minded that, as nudity was the least of their concerns at the moment. Women and children were only allowed in the box while the men were sold away first. The women and children were always bought afterwards as they were seen as less useful.
“Help me” the woman says to Eva, snapping her out of her thoughts. Eva looks at the woman, her brows furrowing in horror as her mind finally realizes what had just happened. She covers her mouth, choking back a sob before looking down at her own son, who was comforting one of the other children, then back up to her. “Bennu” she says softly to her, calling her name. “Im sorry….. She’s gone” Eva struggles to tell her the truth. And though Bennu already knew deep down that she was, she starts to wail, hovering over her sister and shaking her head as her hot tears drip down onto the skin of the corpse.
Eva looks away, squeezing her eyes shut and tries to block it out. Most of the women in here areused to this. Or at least acted like they were. As this was a regularly occurring thing they all have to go through. From when they were old enough to be sold up until the moment they die in this hell hole. But no matter how many deaths Eva witnessed in here, she could never get used to it. She could never get used to the sorrow and pain that they experience.
Cassie, her nine year old son wipes hair out of a little girls face and starts to braid it despite the fact that he was fighting for his own consciousness. His dark skin dotted with small blisters from the heat as well.
“This will keep you cooler” he says with a soft smile towards her as he braids her curls. Eva couldn't help but envy her son and how kind he was even in the darkest of hours.
"See Sophie? It's a little cooler now" he says to her, swiping her baby hairs out of her face. Sophie sniffles, rubbing her face, trying to get the sweat out of her eyes. "I still feel so sick" she complains.
"I know…" Cassie sighs, looking over to his mother then back to the girl.

Soon, one of the panels creak open to reveal a bright white light. Pure of any blemishes or saturation.
All heads turn towards it and a small part of Eva hopes that death is coming to take her away from here and to somewhere better. Somewhere where her and her son can finally have a quiet life.
Though all hope diminishes when a large silhouette takes the lights place in the doorway.
Panic sets into the women inside, the younger of the children clueless. They start to cry, shout, and scrape at each other as the figure steps inside, chains rattling in their hands. They back away from the figure as it comes closer, pressing their backs against the walls and yelping in pain as the metal seers through their skin, leaving a rancid smell of burning flesh to fill the room.
“Its your lucky day ladies. The kids go first” a mans scratchy voice bounces off the metal walls, echoing around them.
These words being the most horrifying words a mother could hear in these times, Eva's heart sinks. Her stomach flips inside out and her lungs give out.
Eva shakes her head as tears gloss over her brown eyes before she pulls her son into her arms as she starts to weep, holding him tightly.
Cassie stays silent for a second, processing what the man said. He doesn't react for a second until Sophie's tiny body is yanked away from the arms of her mother with a loud high pitched scream.
Her mother yells, grabbing her leg to try to pull her away from the man, refusing to part.
The man only tugs harder, forcing the mother to let go in fear that she would tear her daughter's limb away from her body.
Cassie stands up to look at the man, "let her go!!!" He shouts at him, trying to protect them. Everyone goes quiet other than Eva, who’s hand is grasped onto his wrist, trying to gently pull him down, not wanting to hurt her son.
Only able to see the silhouette of the man leaning over him with the struggling child in his arms and Sophie's mother clawing at him, he steps back. Fear shoots through his body and tears swell up in his eyes before he's pulled back down in his mother's arms as she holds him tightly.
The man lets out a bellowing laugh at Cassie’s attempt at bravery.
He starts to shake and panic, his small arms wrapping around her waist as she kisses his head. He coulnt believe that he wasn’t able to protect even a small child like he thought he could.
“I love you so much. Everything’s gonna be alright okay? You’re gonna be just fine” she whispers quickly through her sobs. “Because you’re just so strong.” she scrunches her nose, forcing herself to smile through the tears. “You’re able to get through anything okay?" She tries her best to reassure her son but deep down she was trying to reassure herself that he was going to be alright. That Cassie would live a better life than she did. Than she ever could. That he would one day get out of this place and live the life she believed he deserved.
Though she knew this was a shitty way to say goodbye to her child, this was the only way she could think of that felt right. These were the words she needed him to remember from her. That he’s strong. No matter how tough his life may be. He will get through it.
She needed him to believe that. Or she would have failed as a mother even more than she has already.
Cassie scrunches her shirt into his small fists as hot tears rush down his face, burying his face into his mothers hot skin as he cries.
“I dont want to go. Please mom dont let them take me. I dont want to go.” He pleads with her, his knees and feet scraping against the ground.
He heaves in and out through sobs before letting out a scream as his head is jerked back by his hair.
Cassie feels his mothers hands tearing at his clothes, trying to hold on to them as he’s taken away.
The last he hears of his mother is her screaming at the man and weeping for her baby not to be taken from her before he feels a sudden falling sensation.
He was familiar with the feeling when he would jump out of his sleep because of it. But this was different.
Cassie’s head hits the ground hard along with the rest of his body. The air is knocked out of his lungs and he struggles to breath, gasping like a fish on land.
He rolls over, trying to stay conscious as his vision goes in and out. Voices fade into the back of his fragile mind as his eyes flutter open and shut.
Everything goes black but most importantly…everything goes quiet.
It was peaceful.
What he worked so hard to get a hold of at night to try to sleep was peace. And yet he so easily found it here. Here at the hands of someone so cruel.

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Chapter I
part II

When Cassie wakes up, all he feels is the desert sun beating down on him and the shackles that bound him heating up rather quickly. In about five minutes they would start to burn his skin and there was nothing he could do about it.
He sits up from the ground and his eyes scan his surroundings. Sand sticks to his body, his sweat acting as a sort of adhesive.
A small crowd can be heard not even a few meters away from him, though he isn’t in view of anybody.
He knows exactly what this is. As he’s been to one before. About two years ago with his mother and older sister.

Panic rises in his chest as he stands. Though only falling not even seconds after bringing himself to his feet.
He lays there on the sand, his chest heaving up and down. Tears gloss over his cognac brown eyes before spilling out over his hot cheeks as he rolls over to his side and wraps his arms around himself.
Though soon he is grabbed by his owner by the arm, yanked to his feet and grabbed by the hair. He doesn’t let out a single sound as he fumbles around, knowing what would happen if he yelled around a crowd like this.
“Giddyup cowboy. You've got a show to put on” his owner whispers in his ear before letting go of him.
Cassie is brought in front of the crowd of people and to a stand with other slaves on it. One spot saved for him in the middle.

He steps onto the wooden pedestal, chains around his ankles clanging together as he does so. His bare feet pressed lightly on the splintered wood. Greasy strands of blonde hair falls into his dirty face as he looks down to his feet, used to the feeling of wood against his calloused skin.
His complexion was dark like milk chocolate and his hair was unusually light for his skin tone, as it was platinum blonde. Which is what makes him more valuable. More wanted.
His thick, white eyelashes wet from the tears before they dried on his face, leaving streaks on his cheeks. Dirt splotches on his face and body as he stands idly on the pedestal with others. Chains hooked to their hands and feet, iron clasps around their necks like dog collars.
Names and numbers are called but Cassius blocks out the sounds. Only focusing on the wood below him and the sound of the chains rubbing together. The red marks on his ankles and hands. He didn’t want to know what his neck looked like underneath the rusted iron.
He stands there, looking over everyone in the crowd as they bid on the slaves they wanted to buy.
First is a younger woman about the age of his mother. Her skin is pale and she’s obviously new to the country and its heat. She has ginger hair that shone like gold in the sunlight and beautiful green eyes. She was violently shaking and crying as she stands up on the pedestal while people shout numbers at her like she’s a piece of livestock. Which to them, she is.

Cassie lets his mind wander elsewhere, not wanting to be conscious right now. He didn’t want to think about all of the slaves being sold. These innocent people's lives are being held in somebody else’s.
He thinks of his older sister Liana. She didn’t look like him or his mother but more their father.
Their father was a spanish man of higher class than Eva could ever have been. Though Cassie never knew who he actually was. Only that his mother loved him and he loved her.
Liana had dark hair like her father and a warm sienna skin tone. She had nut brown eyes and a great personality. He likes to think that her mother was like her when she was younger but she would never talk about her childhood with him, nor Liana.

Soon Cassie is snapped out of his thoughts at the sound of the chains rattling beside him. He looks up to the ginger haired girl as she is pulled off of the wooden pedestal as she sobs. Her legs and arms thrash around as she’s pulled away. Yelling, cursing, trying to spit in their faces as they take her to her new owners.
Next up is me right? he thinks to himself as he rubs his wrist, moving the shackles around his skin. His eyes drift back down to his wrist. Covered in blisters, blood, dirt, and rust from the shackles, he felt dizzy simply looking at it.
“Up next only at 9 years old, Cassius. But you can call him whatever youd like when you own him!" the man shouts to the crowd. “And just look at those locks! This blonde hair with that beautiful skin. He’s worth a lot everyone! Who’s gonna be our first bidder?”
Cassie looks up from the ground. All of those disgusting eyes on him as he stands there in the heat. His blonde eyelashes stick together due to the sweat dripping down his face.
He can feel his heart pounding hard against his chest and his pulse in his ears. His eyes sting and his muscles hurt. Cassie stands still as he quietly recites his full name to himself over and over again, squeezing his eyes shut.
The fact that his name was the only thing he had to himself was his name and his body maddens him everytime he hears it called out. Whether it be by the auctioneer, his owner, or his own mother.
He worries that this is all he will be. Nothing but a slave with a pretty complexion and light hair to draw in the money like his mother.

Soon he’s tugged down off of the pedestal by his chains, his neck going first then his body following after. His blonde hair falling into his face as his feet hit the hot sand, sticking to his skin.
Into new hands Cassie goes and into a new life he’s forced into. Though this time is different.
His mother isn’t here this time to protect him. To hold him every night. To wipe away the blood on his hands nobody else would.

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(please i'm literally dying over here, every time i read anything you write i scream internally just bjhdsgfjlhsd i love it so much!!! GAH you describe things so perfectly and the way you talk about what they look like is so smooth??? i feel when i try to write what they look like it comes out awkward and stiff but yours just flows man, holy shit i can't get enough haha :> sorry i hadn't read it till now, i've been a little on the bad side, but i love it and it think it's great. stories like these excite me so muchhh)

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

(omg what???? I always am so afraid im not good at describing how people look in this POV so i appreciate it a lot!!)
(also that's totally fine! Don't feel any pressure to read any of my writing ^~^;)

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(i am deeply offended by that last line >:000)
(it's not that i feel pressured, i fucking love your stuff man, if i could read your stories all day, i would, they're just so great :DD i just haven't been myself these couple of days, i think since i stopped taking my meds a month ago everything is starting to reset again, but that doesn't mean that i don't wanna read your writing!!! quite the complete opposite, just need a bit of time to recharge <3)

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(i just re-read my last line like a hundred times bc i was like "no bc what did i say???" anyway though aha)
(haha im kind of worried hun ;~; take your time to recharge ^^)
(thank you for reading my stuff though! It means so much to me TT^TT)

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(hahaha sorry, i joke around a lot, but yeah, don't worry, you're writing is one of the best i've seen, you're very much up there with the other people who i really look up to, like Onnex and Coloress ^^ and thanksss, it's been rough, but i'll be better soon hopefully)
(ofc ofc dude, i really really love it C:)

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(I put up a little art in the end of the first post. So if you guys want to see my paintings of the characters I have introduced so far, go ahead and look at them!)

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Chaper II
Part I

Not long after Cassie is pulled off of the pedestal he's weaved through the crowd, being led by a tall dark-skinned man. Cassie figured he wasn't the owner, but one of the slaves was sent to buy others for him. This was often done in Egypt if not in other parts of the world at this time for slaves of higher status that have been around for longer than some of the newer slaves.
Slaves of this status were often treated better and with more respect. In return, they go out and execute orders that require a great level of trust. Such as going out on their own, acquiring tools, food, fabrics, etc. from shops, and handling the owner's currency.
Cassie never fully understood how the owners could trust someone so much and why the slaves never ran away. That is until recently.
Now he knows that if you run away, you'll be found. There's no escaping this life. So why try when all you will do is end up dead? Or worse. Square one.

At least with an owner such as this one, you know what you're dealing with, you're used to it, and most important of all… you're building trust. Something that takes years upon years to curate. And in return, you get a sliver of freedom and a little respect. Maybe even a little more than just a name for yourself. Now wouldn't that be nice?

Cassie is brought to a sort of tent, as there are multiple of these pitched around the auction site, holding slaves, supplies, camps, etc.
There sat three other men on the ground, tied to a post in the center of the tent, shackles keeping them planted where they sat.
Rough hands push him down to his knees with the rest of them, his chains secured to the post along with the others, now sitting beside them.
Once the man leaves, Cassie sits in silence for what he would guess is not longer than twenty minutes.
Cassie pulls his head up towards the noise, his sad brown eyes looking around the tent. Almost all of the men’s eyes are on him, obviously not having expected a child to be in with them.
He furrows his brows “what?”
“What's your name kid?” a thinner one asks. His complexion is lighter than his own and his hair about the same shade.
Cassie doesn’t acknowledge the question, not knowing what to say. It’s a sad thing really. Not being sure of what he should be called anymore. To the point where he couldn’t bring himself to say his own name.
“You’re no better than us boy, no point in actin' like you are,” the man grumbles. His raspy voice made his nerves shake underneath his flesh. Even in this heat, he shivers as the man leans forward, his moist, gross breath on his skin. He could smell his bad breath due to how close he was, forcing Cassie to hold in a gag.
Cassie draws in a shaky breath, not daring to look them in the eye.
“His tongue might be cut,” one of the others says to him, nudging Cassie with his elbow. He flinches hard, his lungs seeming to have stopped working. His eyes were now wide at the sudden touch, but still, on the ground, sweat dripping off his face and body.
“My tongue isn’t cut, your breath is just bad.” he blurts out, lying to mask his fear and anxiety.
“My name is Cassie” he states, looking up at the man that elbowed him now. The first thing he notices about his face is his bright blue eyes in contrast to his grimy, unclean face. His complexion is splotchy and a little tan, Cassie would guess around 40 years old.
His dark hair is cut just a bit longer than the boy-short and swiped back with the grease and sweat on his scalp. His ears seemed to have a slight point to them as if they'd been deformed or cut in such a way. Cassie doesn't pay much mind to this observation, only taking in what he notices at first glance.
He was more of a burly guy with very thick dark black facial hair and clothes that were just a little loose on him. His eyebrows are thick and slightly bushy. Cassie was almost tempted to put a comb to them to even them out. Lastly, he has a thick black ring running through the septum of his nose. Now that was something Cassie had never seen before.

The man pulls back, offended most likely. “Kid, where we’re going, your tongue jus’ might get cut off if you talk like that,” he says grumpily.
Cassie opens his mouth to say something else, but just then the same man from earlier lifts up the cloth door of the tent and enters, a large metal ring of keys in his hand and a whip in the other.
“Stand.” the man orders them. Everyone does, including Cassie.
He starts to unlock Cassie’s shackles and unhooks the chains from the post, leading him outside.
The second he steps out of the tent, he wishes to go back into it, as the heat of the sun beats down on his dark skin, making it hard to even breathe right.
They round the tent and stop in front of a carriage-like cart. Two large mules are strapped to the cart in the front. The two beasts are connected to a large covered wagon, the floors are wood so as to not burn the slaves inside.
Which he found odd. It’s not every day you see slaves being thought of when it comes to transportation and/or safety. He couldn’t help but feel a twinge of hope rise up in his chest. Maybe this place would treat him just a little better.
He’s ushered into the back of the wagon to sit on the floor. His eyes gape at the ceiling of the wagon, the white cloth shielding him from the sunlight as it’s strapped to the metal frame that holds it up.
He can’t help but smile at such a small thing as a cloth hanging over his head in a way he’s never seen before. But it was the small things in life he took amusement to.

Soon, the other three men are loaded into the carriage with him and the wooden tailgate of the wagon is lifted to close them in.
The burly man is sitting beside him, and the one with the bad breath in front of him, which Cassie hates but he knew he would have to deal with it. Other than the one beside him, neither of the others seemed too enthusiastic, not bothering to even look at him, let alone speak.
Cassie turns his head to look at the burly man “You asked me my name, tell me yours?” he asks him, pulling his knees up to his chest.
He looks down at him, scoffing at the kid, almost impressed by how forward he is.
“Zachariah. My friends call me Zach though” he says proudly.
“You don't look like you have any of those” Cassie states bluntly.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Can’t really have friends around here. Not with this life anyway” he says, holding out his hand “maybe you can be my first?”
Cassie takes his hand, the comparison in size was a bit extreme, his small hand so small in the grown man's hand. “That’s sad. Having a kid as your first friend” Cassie says, shaking it.
Zach shrugs “eh you seem pretty cool so I don't mind” he replies, leaning back and taking a deep breath in. The mules start to move and the wagon shakes just a little as the wheels run along the uneven ground.
Cassie gives a soft chuckle in acknowledgment before his mind jumps to a question he meant to ask.
“Hey, Zach? Do you know where we’re going?” he asks, looking back up at him.
Zach's expression hardens “yeah but it’s best you don't know” he replies. “Go to sleep kid, we’ve got a long trip ahead of us.
Cassie leaves it at that, not wanting to pry. Ignorance is bliss and he thought it’d be best to take advantage of that.
He leans against the railing inside and closes his eyes. He didn’t think he could go to sleep in this heat, but he would certainly try to.
His mind drifts to where his mother must be right now. She was most likely crying, he knew that much. Half of the time he saw his mother around she was in tears.
Cassie wasn’t about to admit it to anyone around him, as he was trying to be tough like everyone else, but he already missed his mother. She was his only friend and his only source of comfort.
Will he ever see her again?
His eyes start to water, hot tears overwhelming his eyes before spilling out onto his cheeks.
He lets the tears fall without a sound, not wanting anyone else to know. A kid crying is the last thing you want to see in a place like this and Cassie had been aware of this fact from a very young age.
Wrapping his arms around himself, not caring about the hot shackles eating at his skin, he keeps his eyes closed and his brows furrowed.
He doesn't think Eva is dead, but it sure feels like it. His heart is heavy with the burden of grief and the salty stream of tears are persistent, not giving him a break.
Zach looks down at Cassie and sighs heavily, putting an arm around him but not saying anything.
Cassie tenses up but is appreciative of the comforting touch. He looks up at him, but Zach keeps his eyes straight ahead, assuming Cassie didn’t want anyone to acknowledge his sadness.
He sniffles, leaning into the man. His skin against his is surprisingly cold for where they are. But Cassie is far too tired to think about that at the moment, but taking advantage of the cooling comfort as if it were the cold side of a pillow on a hot night.