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So I'm trying to write two characters at a festival. They're fiances and I struggle writing romance, and I just wanted to know if this sounded natural and like a real relationship? Any advice and criticism is appreciated! Thank you!

Miranda nodded giving a small smile. She grabbed onto Helia’s arm, plastering herself across Helia’s side. “I guess that just leaves the two of us.”
Helia smiled looking down at her. “I guess that does. Whatever shall we do?”
“Well, we are at a festival,” She rose to her tiptoes stretching her hand out and quickly booping Helia’s nose. Helia laughed, smiling softly at the gesture. “And if I remember correctly, someone still owes me a dance.”
“Then what are we waiting for?” Helia extended her hand out. Miranda smiled at her, taking Helia’s hand into her own.
“Lead the way.”
It wasn’t difficult to find where the festivities were occurring in Renndal. If the sound of laughter, and music was any indication, then the two of them were close. All they had to do was cut through the marketplace and then they could spend the rest of the night dancing without a care in the world.
“You think they put the festivities over here so they could get more coin off of people?” Miranda asked as they walked.
Helia chuckled, “Oh definitely.”
The marketplace wasn’t anything too special. Helia had seen a dozen just like it. However, each of the wooden stalls had been decorated with Renndal’s banners and various different flowers. Ropes had been strung overhead with lanterns that cast the market in a bluish glow. Various flower petals covered the cobble path and it was clear that someone had spent a long time making the market look this good.

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Ooh, I love this! Is the scene longer or is this it, because I feel like there' definately more to be said, but the relationship is pretty good! I think you could probably stand to add a casual kiss here or there in the scene, right now, if you hadn't told me they were fiances, I might have assumed they were very good friends who might have crushes on each other? But aside from that, amazing job! I don't know why you were worrying! ^J^


love it so far! I agree with @Altar_Ego . A little PDA wouldn't hurt anyone, and would show what kind of love and the amount of love between those two. Question : is the lgbtq or guy/girl or otherwise?