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Premise is interesting, I want to know more about if Fur Coat was involved in something bigger and what is up with the ghosts, and there's definitely an intuition showing here for dramatic beats and details.

I might've gotten a bit lost after the car ride on the way back from the reading, however: Does Abigail feel that her mother judges her for writing stories…what was the emotional tension, there?

While not specific critique, I'm unsure about Abigail's mother's characterization…The prologue makes her sound very selfish and demanding, so that when she promises Abigail that she'll help to buy the thing, I wonder if it's a manipulation that she'll back out of, or if she's meant to be a morally-ambiguous widow, like, "I don't have the most agreeable temperament all the time, and I have plenty of regrets about how I used to treat people, but I'll do my best by my daughter because she's all I have left even if I think she's weird" or something.

I also wondered if the custom in ancient Rome during which the dishonorable dead were supposed to have haunted people during winter on the calendar—might have been more suitable foreshadowing for the memory of the Latin speaking ghost? But that's more nitpicking at this point.

Looking forward to the rest!