forum blurb dump (would you read this??)
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A farce and a tragedy of magic and myth. One portal, one boy, and one million possible solutions.


One must restore balance to the fabric of the universe. Not out universe, though. None from the Otherworld have succeeded, so why not try someone new.
In a dusty antique shop, Angus finds an old fortune teller and a portal to a land of magic and wonder. Apparently he's going to destroy our world. Or he could unite another, if he accepts a deal. A wager. All he must do is fix the broken magic of the Otherworld and unite the Kingdoms, Forts, and Cities in eternal peace. The fortune teller just so happened to leave out the how part.
With nothing but time and a talkative streak, ordinary boy Angus, a mediocre wizard, and a young soldier travel through the lands of the Otherworld on a diplomatic mission. But out of their sight, something is afoot.

I've been posting excerpts and writing logs for a few months now but thought I'd post my actual logline and synopsis. If this was a blurb on a book, would you pick it up? Do you know someone who would read a book like this? What sorts of themes and character traits can be picked up from this?

I'm genuinely oblivious, so let me know.