forum anyone wanna give me editing advice?
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so im writing story but i think i might need some editing advice i am a beginner after all

kids chattering good morning class said Mrs.sariyah, good morning Mrs.Sariyah said the class now before we start our lesson can anyone tell me what today is? Asked Mrs.Sariyah all the students raised their hand yes Iyanna said Mrs.Sariyah its creators day miss said Iyanna,all the kids start laughing it’s Tuesday even my baby sister knows that said, Lucas at least she gets all A´s and shes not failing blurred out jasmine all right class settle down and Iyanna was actually right today is creators day said Mrs.Sariyah what?! How did the geek nerd and her geek friend get the answer get the answer?! Yelled sarah THATS ENOUGH?!?! I WILL NOT toloratle that behvior in my classroom one more out burt from you young lady its a referral and youll be kicked off the cheer squad understood? Asked Mrs.Sariyah ugh whatever said sarah sigh back to the lesson now like i was saying before class was rudely interrupted today is a holiday known as creators day Said Mrs.sariyah lila raises her hand yes lila? Said Mrs.Sariyah if cretors day is a holiday how come its not on the calender? Asked lila thats actually a good question lila the answer is simple not a lot of people know about the creators some don't even believe in them which why were going to be learning all about them today!! Said Mrs,Sariyah umm Miss may i ask a question said iyanna yes dear said mrs.sariyah how do you espect to teach thousands of years of history in 8 hours? Asked iyanna thats a good question thats why i needed your permission slipsback were going on a field trip this afternoon so make sure you packed all your stuff like i requested the bus leaves at 6:30 so be at the bus stop by 6:00 class dismissed Said Mrs.Sariyah

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i would say that you should use grammarly. it helps a lot, i use it all the time. though i recommend turning it off for certain sites that you don't want to be corrected on when using. some mistakes might be in the premium section of grammarly, but i recommend you just ignore the premium mistakes and focus on the ones you can actually correct. grammarly helps with punctuation, word choices, article selection, grammar, and a bunch of other stuff. i really hope this helps!