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Never before have I felt so much. Never before have I felt absolutely nothing. And never before have I felt both crashing into me at the same time.
I feel a crushing weight on my windpipe. I can't breathe, while I am breathing.
The dull hum of conversation has turned into a roar of thunder. I can't hear anything, and I can hear everything. There's too much. It's too loud. Shut up. Stop talking.
Everything is moving to fast. It's frozen in place too. That poster on the wall keeps moving suddenly. Make it stop please!
Who's wearing that strong perfume? Get away from it.
Get away. I have to get away. Please let me get away. Don't move. They'll ask questions. Smile, and pretend you're fine. Get up and run. the door behind you is less than three feet way. Hide.
Make it stop. Everything is so loud, it's moving too fast. I can't handle this. Everyone shut up please! Leave me alone. Stop asking questions.
My hands hurt. If I press my fingers much harder into them they will bleed. The gouges are so visible, if you show your hands to anyone they'll see them.
How has no one noticed yet? Why is no one saying to quiet down? Make it stop please!
Leave me alone please. Don't touch me. Don't talk to me. Don't need me. I want to be alone. I want everything to stop moving. For just a little bit.
Let me be.