forum It's real hard to worldbuild Sci-fi without a "Technologies" page.
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Hyperbion Beta Tester

Title. I've submitted a request for this kind of page already, and I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same problems as me.

I've got tons of technological stuff in my world - starships, railguns, reactors, specific types of rocket thruster and FTL technology. But there's no good place for me to put it in They don't really fit under Items per se. I've tried putting "Warp drive tech" as a Magics page, but that doesn't really work out either.

I'm dying for a page that lets me design technological things. A page where I can put subtechnologies and supertechnologies - e.g. combustion chamber would be a subtechnology of mechanical engine; automobile would be a supertechnology. A page where I can put in the operating requirements of a technology - for the engine example, it would be gasoline - and the outputs and uses of a technology; in this case, propulsion. A page where I can link items that use a specific type of technology (the item "Republic Heavy Cruiser" would use the technology "nuclear reactor", "particle cannon", "warp drive").

Hyperbion Beta Tester

Hell; even the Items page is riddled with fantasy stuff and zero sci-fi at all. Under "Abilities", Items pages want you to input the kind of magic an item possesses. Um, excuse me? My Item is a plane. It doesn't have any magic. It has the ability to fly, though.


I've just been interpreting "Magic" in Items as "Abilities", so the spaceship I've been working on has the magical power of being FTL enabled.

A technologies page would be amazing for this kind of thing.


It would be nice to have a toggle for the Items page to be either more Fantasy-oriented (magical abilities) or more Sci-fi flavor (uses, etc.) I know more about fantasy than sci-fi, but now that you mention it, the kind of advanced nesting you are talking about would be neat to have.

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A technologies page is part of the next round of pages coming soon. I'm wrapping up coding early this week and will test them a bit before releasing, but I'm hoping to get them out either late this week or this weekend. :)

More info soon!

Edit: It's live!


I'm with you, man. I really want to build a sci-fi world with my character's starship and weapons, and have challenge my thought process by asking these exact type of questions that you mentioned, like what they do in Items or Characters. I'm pretty new to this site and it's a lot of fun, but I can definitely tell it's more geared toward fantasy world-building (nothing wrong with that though!)

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I have the same problem. One of my universes is based in space and on other planets, so I need technology. It's really annoying that I can't add tech like that.