forum Ideas for warfar machine?
Started by @Bluestar5

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My plot includes a machine that was built to be used in warfare, but ended up turning rogue. Looking for ideas for a look and/ or special abilities it could have


The machine's look would depend on what function(s) it's supposed to perform. If you know what the machine is supposed to do, that will probably help you figure out what it should look like.

What kind of world would this be used in? Obviously sci-fi, but what's the level of technological advancement? Modern? Futuristic?

I'm assuming this machine is a rogue AI, so it could probably hack computer systems, even ones that have heavy-duty firewalls/encryption.


I mean… how big of a machine are we talkin here? Are there limitations on pure destructive capability?


ideally, it would be small as possible, yet able to pack a punch. It would need a decent computer stored and protected inside so that it could be AI. If it's job is to plant bombs, it would probably be fast and flying. If it's job is to assassinate people, it would be very small and lightweight. If it's job is to march around indestructibly and kill whatever moves, it would likely look something like a tank the size of a cow. But that's just me…