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I'm in need of clever "what ifs" for the universe. What i'm looking for is a dimemsion where one or two things about its physics or logic is either altered slightly or flipped upside down. I have a few of my own examples here:

Dimension where:
-Fun doesnt exist

-Everytime you die you enter another universe

-The universe is an infinite hallway of dreams

-Nothing changes; reproduction doesnt exist, people live forever, everything in the universe is scheduled

-The universe exists within a computer simulation

-The universe is one infnite tower

-Music is a form of combat


-A reverse world where the sea is where the sky is and the sky is where the sea is

-Apes are the evolved sapiens and humans are the primitive ones

-A world where evolution took a different turn and humans are aquatic and the flora & fauna of the land and sea switch places

-Our world: except every time you say watermelon, you hear clapping. Even if you're alone.

-The birds are not what they seem

-Our world: except bees never existed


Here are some of my ideas:

  • Domesticated Bears and Deer are common pets
  • Humans are not mammals (Or humans come from eggs, not the womb)
  • Sharks or whales have wings, not fins
  • Dolphins are now as smart as humans and hate us.
  • Phones are not rectangular, but triangular (or some other odd shape)


I saw a prompt once- a 5 dimension universe where each dimension lacks one of the 5 elements- water, earth, fire, air, and magic (obviously our earth is the one without magic if you decide to do that)