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So some of my character in Soul Fragments are part of the student council (Class Rep, Student Council President, Disciplinary Council Member, and a Health Committee Member)

I kinda wonder what they do in their position or if they even exist

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I can tell you they exist, but I'm not really sure what they do at the high school level. What we have at my college is a student council consisting of a president, vice president, and student senators. I know our college student council acts as representatives of the student body, and as a bridge between them and administration. They voice students' concerns mainly, and they often survey the student body and ask us questions about our opinions on certain decisions.


Well, in High school all we have is ASB. or "Associated Student Body" there are a lot of people in it maybe 30 or so students per grade level and every grade level has a class president, vice president, treasurer, secretary. They just like plan school dances and host pep rallies, also they have to deal with all the other ASB people's crap. They also get crap from the student body because we're all like, that was lame, and it really isn't their fault because nothing fun ever get's approved.
ASB it's self does like school fundraisers and helps run all of the events and booths and other stuff like that. Also no one ever knows who is who so you know their is no "Ohhhh that's the Senior President, look their hanging out with that new freshman now grosss." Because literally no one cares.
If you really want to portray what it's like to be an ASB President its doing a bunch of work that feels pointless and no one cares.
Actually if you want to portray a highschool, like 75% of the student body should not care about literally anything. then there are the 15% that care about grades and education and the 10% that do care about all of this drama are just entertainment for everyone else.