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Share snippets of your books romance,

as someone who is trying to improve in the area of romance, it really helps to kind of study other people's writing and sees how to implement it into mine. Also I'm just a sucker for romance.


oh BOY DO I HAVE A TREAT FOR YOU. so i'm also shit at writing romance but i'm gonna go grab you some of my favorite romantic scenes ever and-


so these two, i adore with all of my heart and this one's a bit info dump but bear with it it helps get the gist of how important their relationship is also dw everyone ends up kay and alive

these two are a huge power couple once they do get together. unfortunately i think this could use a rewrite, it feels a bit jilted and maybe ooc but the beginning chunk is definitely in character and iconic.

this one's technically forever old but i edited a bit a while ago. i love them too. also a power couple. the bee puns are because shou can summon(he just calls them to him) and control the bees. also he talks to them and has a pet bee named powerdrill. osora just. not even gonna get into that cause that's a mess of trigger warnings. rip anyone who has to watch her use that power