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Alright so you know me I make so many roleplays that I end up stressed out because of them so you guessed it I'm not stressed enough so I'm making another one I have a lot of ideas for this I I want an innocent romance with two young adults I will be playing as a very…."smart" girl who isn't exactly great with people not that she doesn't like them they just make her uncomfortable
The rest will be told to whomever joins thank you!

Now onto the rules and expectations


• Andrew's rules

• Be as active as possible. If you can only send one to two responses a day, that is perfectly fine. I'm a bit busy myself so I get it.

• This is a literate RP, with at least one paragraph per response with good grammar and spelling. Now if you're like me and autocorrect hates you that's perfectly fine I understand that

•also LGBTQ is welcome I would rather have a male or female though no offense

• Romance is also more than chill, this is meant to be a slow-burn romance.

•this is also based in mid evil times keep that in mind

• If you have any ideas to add to the RP, please let me know.

• I have the right to refuse to RP with you