forum Why Can’t I Just Hate You?! (Closed with Eli-the-transboi) (1/1) (MxM) (TW)
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Lixian keeps his eyes closed, breathing softly and looking content. The only time he actually looked soft, was when he was like this. Cuddling Reo and half asleep.

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He bites his lip, “I’m hungry. . . I was gonna go out for food—“ And clean up the kitchen—

(Cause, its a mess- he didn’t clean it up after Lixian fell-)

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After a while, Reo come back with a bag, setting it on the counter and quickly cleaned up the kitchen. He walks to Lixian’s room, biting his lip, “I brought you food. . .” He mutters, not looking at him.

(I said I didn’t want anything— XDD)