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I need some whump in my life rn, help?

If you don't know what whump is, Look it up, don't, i don't care. But a quick definition would be: A subcategory of hurt/comfort without the comfort part.

I would like to play the part of the whump, but if you want, you can choose the type of whump. whether it is physical, phycological, bolth, a pet whump. Anything. If you wanted, we could even do a post whump where there is comfort and you are providing it.

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Whump is a sort of sub-genre of hurt/comfort involving a lot of hurt and very little to no comfort. Any comfort included generally comes through friendship and team interaction, not romance or sex (tho we could do that). Whump often involves torture or extended suffering of the central character, dehumanization, or mental degrading.

@IcarusFightsTheSun book

Name: Grimyse Zunomur

Age: 19

Pronouns/gender: cis female

Appearance: long and black hair. light gray with dark gray markings on her face, arms and legs. her eyes are white. just white and she is 6'7ft in height. shes a

Likes: small things and shiny stuff.

Dislikes: reckless people… and people.

Personality traits: she likes to read and memorize poetry. she's a monster that destroys other monsters, and anything else that gets in her way. she would sacrifice her life and my soul to protect the innocent. She talks to spirits that no one else can see. she feels no compassion for the dead. They’re the lucky ones.

Breff Backstory(optional): (can really make it breff sry) "i was possessed by a demon when i was just a little girl it forced me to kill everyone i loved but it didn't stop. It killed my entire village. i lived in that ghost town for seven years, for seven years i couldn't even control my own body…killing anyone who got too close to me. people even started sending adventurers and mercenaries to kill me, until one day an exorcist came to test his luck, he tried his best but it wasn't enough to get a rid of it but it was enough to weaken it. i took back control but its a thin line that could be snapped at any moment. we've been connected for so long we know each other inside and out, i'm starting to be able to control him when i'm calm he sleeps when i'm angry so is he when i'm sad he's cry's, his soul and mine are connected in every way. i know everything he knows and he knows everything i know. I've gone to every temple and offered myself to every known god but could get him out, the scariest thing is that if it ever comes to that point i don't think i could do it…."

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