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Okay so this is kind of a reboot! Ive been away from notebook for…a good while now. But i thought it’d be nice to hop back into things! I really missed you guys and writing with all of you. So without further ado, here’s this)

In a nice little town called Coffeeville in the middle of nowhere other than woods and forests.
It wasnt that small though. The population was good along with everything else.
The crime rate was really low, and the jail only had a few people.
Yeah, with the occasional death row and the little electric chair. The green mile.
Well people say thats where it all started.
They were rumored to break out of the lab that they were looking at a survivor from the electric chair. But nobody really knows what actually happened. Nobody could possibly survive that…right?

Its been three years now and about three quarters of the worlds population had been wiped out. Only a few survivors in each town, though most abandoned.

Jezariah was one of the survivors in coffeeville, but now on the run after his sister went missing and it was fully overtaken by Screamers.
That's what they were called. Screamers. People called them multiple things. Monsters in black, reapers from Hell, but most called them Screamers. Known for their deathly sounding screeches. They varied in sized but could look like anything you could imagine. Your worst nightmares come to life and eat anyone in their path.
Any meat they can find, they'll eat. Their favorite meal….human.
Close to nobody knows why. As if anyone tries to study them, they never lived to tell anyone else. A few destroyed shelters contained documents on Screamers. Which fell into Jezariahs hands, who now keeps them as safe as he can. Notes, torn journals, and hardcover books he protected.
Now in another town, hes found a few survivors. Could he trust them? He would have to find out.
If not, he would have to try to find out what's happened to the world by himself.

About screamers:
if a screamer bites you, and it pierces your skin (which happens 99% of the time in most bites) its saliva will infect your bloodstream and stop your heart within about 2 days.(48 hours) Lets say you get bitten in the leg and you wanna live, you'll have to amputate it quickly, depending on how long ago you've been bitten. much like a brown recluse spider bite, there will be a line traveling to your heart which is its venom/saliva, (again that travels in the span of two days. when it reaches your heart, you die) lets say the bite you've gotten has a line from that bite that's traveled from your calf to your thigh. you'd have to amputate your leg up to your thigh. when it reaches your torso, its too late (bc obviously you cant amputate any part of your torso lol) you should consider yourself lucky if you get a limb infected.
Reapers. Screamers, Devils, and honestly anything else poeple can come up with. those are just the most common.
Theyre always hostile (duh)
They go off of their senses depending on the screamer. you'll be able to tell on how it acts while hunting. Most go off of sight and sound. But there's always the exceptions.
Most screamers take the shape of some sort of humanoid creature but its not common for them to take the shape of animals. the most common ones are deer, wolves, and birds.
(ill probably add to this later)

No OP characters, please
Dont join then dip immediately.
Make your characters unique please. No Gary Sue's.
This will have some romance in it, take mature writing to the pms please.
There will be gore, so if you cant handle that, dont join. Thank you.
Be descriptive please. And give everyone something to work with. Write at least 3 sentences. If you dont have a lot to work with, I understand short replies or if theres not a lot going on but please. Always give the other person something to work with. -_-
I can say no if i want to. But I most likely wont
I will ask for a sample of your writing before you join, and please ask to do so beforehand
4 characters max
I think that's all, but I can add to this ♡

hate the character not the writer.
Don't be unrealistic with your characters abilities. you want a character that can do a whole bunch of strong things, put in a big strong character if that makes sense.
if you are thinking of killing off a character of someone elses, talk to me and the owner of that character please.
If you would like to ship your character with someone else's. talk to them about it beforehand please

i didnt suddenly put them here bc of the rp. i just saw some of these on other rp rules and i thought it would be good if i added them as well. i can add more things as the rp goes on . love you guys <3

( @Young-Dusty you told me to @ you in this when i get it restarted to here it is :)

I’m gonna put a list of the users and characters as we go along so we can keep track :)

Write (me): Jezariah, Jesse, Cassius, Ophelia

@Young-Dusty-the-Mayor-of-Dustopolis : Gus & Travis

@Devon-Jacen : Darius & June

@mere_hufflepuff : Elodie Manchester

@imNOTdenki : Jasper, Evan, Tapioca

@Tired-but-passionate : Lynn & Josephine

If any of you guys want to add one more character you're more than welcome to any time in the roleplay just tell me first! <3

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Here's the character template;

Appearence: (links are welcomed ♡ if not please be discriptive)

Here's my boiyo lol

Name: Jezariah
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: ya know, I actually don't know and neither does he


Tall, standing at 6 feet exactly, he would argue hes 6'1 though. Hes dark and handsome with a darker caremel skintone with red undertones.
Defined jawline like nobodys business, looks like he chews gum.for a living. Which he basically does. He always has some.gum on him.
Bright, daring green eyes seem really warm and kind until he glares are you..intentionally or not, he has a natural glare. Full black eyelashes matching his naturally more arched dark eyebrows, a black piercing through his right eyebrow and a stud on the side of his nose. Frizzy.soft hair, can stick so many pencils into his afro.its not even funny. Though he’s most likely chopped a lot of it off :’(
Hes fit, as he makes sure to go to the gym quite often actually. A few tattoos on his body, but hes never told anyone about them. A shadow of a small raven mid right on his chest and his dads signature in ink on his wrist, the others random stuff. An alien head with the words "AREA 51" on his finger along with some tribal patterns curling up his right arm from his elbow on down, with dark flowers stitched through.the patterns.
Big manly looking hands, full plump lips and a wider nose with defined cheekbones.

Personality: cocky, shady, ready for a fight anyday but pretty cool overall. Hes chill, but can get real fired up and quick. Small bit of anger issues and doesn't have a ton of self control. He has morals dint get me wrong, but hes kind of an ass. He needs to be put in his place every now and again. Will try to find any ways to get in trouble or piss someone off. Doesn't care about what.others think of him. Protective and terrifying when hes mad
Likes: cats, nice sweatpants, piercings though he doesn't have many, fire, boxing, flowers.
Dislikes: people complaining, marshmellows, dogs, bright lights, fishing, and small cars.
Background (optional)
He was thrown from abusive foster family to foster family, running away his whole life, separated from.his sister after his dad killed himself and his mom got put in jail, he stayed in a nice home for a little bit until his mom was released and eventually eventually custody of the kids. She remarried a religious man Jezariah hated. After a few years of living like this, his sister suddenly went missing and everyone refused to try to look for her.
So Jez ran away to look for her on his own but about a month into being away from everyone, this happened. He doesn't know if his family is alive or not but he's still looking for his sister.

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(Yay! Here's my buckaroo:)

Name: Gus Holdridge
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi-questioning
Appearance: I slapped together a quick set of sketches just now. Beyond that, he's fair-skinned with a farmer's tan, has dark brown hair and eyes, and a backpack with fishing and camping gear in it.
Personality: This dude is what you'd call 'bomb-proof'. He may not have seen it all, exactly, but he grew up in a crazy town in a crazy part of the country, surrounded by very crazy people. Not much can shake him anymore. He's a pleasant, easygoing guy, always quick to crack jokes and make new friends. That said, he's nobody's fool, and will quite casually threaten to shoot someone if they act aggressive first. Some might find him eccentric or even irritatingly cheerful, but basically he's got a good heart and an open mind free of worry. Oh, and he's got quite the southern country drawl.
Likes: Being outdoors, good food, socializing, music (he carries a banjo and can play it pretty well), telling stories (and hearing them), dogs, boats, fishing.
Dislikes: Extreme cold, being alone for long periods of time, overly serious or pompous people, big cities, goats, fancy clothes, wide open spaces with no cover (like deserts and prairies).
Background: Grew up in a very, very small fishing town nestled on the banks of the Mississippi, far to the south. He knew everybody around and they knew him. When the trouble started three years ago, his community was able to lay low and survive for the most part, but now the waters of the river are rising for some reason, with no sign of going down, and families are soon to be displaced. Gus was part of a scouting team sent out to look for new land, but they were quickly attacked by Screamers and Gus was separated from the group. He's still lowkey trying to finish the mission his town gave him, but now he has to prioritize day-to-day survival and doesn't know if he'll ever actually make it home again.

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(Okay okay but like i love Gus! Hes amazing XD also! Your lil sketches are so good! I love your style!)

Ahaha tysm! Jezariah looks awesome as ever xD

(Oh why thank you ^^ I’m debating whether or not to add another character right now because I’m just reality excited lol. I’m gonna wait for everyone else to put their temps up though)

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I literally love your sketches of Gus so much. And both of the characters up so far are amazing! I'll try to have mine up soon!

Deleted user

NAME - Dallas Ratchford
AGE - Nineteen
GENDER - Female; cis apathetic.
SEXUALITY - Bisexual
APPEARANCE - Face. Short; about 5'3, with a colorful sense of fashion and a penchant for Hawaiian shirts and brown pants, like so.
PERSONALITY - The much-loved sweetie/badass archetype. She's fierce in nearly every aspect of the word, doubled with a charming self-confidence many people would envy. Her one true love is corny jokes, but a close second would be key lime pie. She might literally kill for it, depending on the circumstances.
LIKES - Key lime pie, bright colors, corny jokes.
DISLIKES - Self-absorbed people, Screamers, secrets.
BACKGROUND - Up until the age of sixteen, Dallas lived a generally average life. She had two loving parents, even if her relationship with her mom was a little rocky, and grew up in a small, homey town known as Bluecastle for the iconic blue-ish gray castle in the center. It's unoriginal, she knows. But she loved it. She loved the quiet evenings spent tutoring young children, loved the wildflowers growing on the side of the road, loved the one mail distribution center that she and her friends would wait around in for letters from penpals or family. Most of all, she loved sneaking into the castle to sit in one of the towers and watch the rising sun. Of course, all that changed when the world ended. Dallas was sixteen and, at the time of the first wave, sitting in a castle tower when she first heard it. The screams. Barely anyone in her town survived, only her and a small handful of children she later found hiding in a well made it out. To her knowledge, they were the only ones. Faced with several life-changing choices, Dallas made a decision. The children needed somewhere safe to stay, and she was the only one they could rely on. For three years she played the modern-day Harriet Tubman, guiding children and any other willing survivors to whatever relative safety she could find. Oftentimes it was found in old barns out in the countryside, catacombs of larger cities long forgotten, and the occasional refuge of a military base trying to put up a resistance.


Is she alright? I took some liberties in her backstory, but I can change anything that might clash with your worldbuilding.

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I’m gonna go ahead and put up my other character so here she is :)

Name: Jesse (pronounced Jessy, dont call her Jess, she’ll punch you)
Age: 18
Gender: female
Sexuality: lesbian big time
Ive got these paintings of her i did :3

She stands tall at 6’3” and Weighing roughly 170lbs. Jesse has more of a muscular build with more broad shoulders and a good bit of definition in her muscles.
She has darker skin (as seen in the painting above^) with green eyes and a caremel faded color along the rim of her irises.
Jesse is part arabic part german. She has a thick german accent and a low, raspy voice.
She has a wolf cut goin on with thick back hair that she sometimes slicks back. She has a black bandana on her at all times be it on her arm or in her hair.

She likes socializing, but isnt very good at it, as she comes across as mean and crude in a lot of her words and actions. Jesse is playful but again, in kind of a rude way. She doesn’t get along with others much. She isnt very likable (at first anyway, but ill let you guys be the judge of that)
Once you get to know her, shes protective and easy to hang around, not caring what anybody thinks of her and the word “YOLO” is her motto. Or her excuse for doing wild things for no reason.

Likes: aliens, eyeliner, Nirvana, lizards, wolves or any type of freaky or dangerous animal, she digs it. And yeah, unfortunately that does include screamers. Black furniture, nail polish and confidence. Those cool phycadelic posters. Oh and zombies.
Dislikes: cats, stupid people, people with no sense of humor or ones that are too sensitive to take a joke. (But she can warm up to them quickly) pick me girls, winter, summer, any holiday but Halloween. Specifically thanksgiving and Christmas though. Fake plants, she thinks theyre pointless

Backround: before this happened, Jesse was part time tattoo artist, working in a sketchy hole in the wall tattoo parlor with her “buddies” that were all men scared of her.
She lived in a big city a state up from coffeeville, but not in an expensive part of town.
Though before that she had just gotten out of a big human trafficking system with girlfriend. They had split up so nobody could find them and take them back. She's been a tattoo artist since.
When the alarms sounded and the government had everyone evacuated towards Washington, she stayed behind and went the other way trying to reach her gf Zander, in coffeeville. Eventually, able to reach her house, Jesse only found the remains of the house she was staying in.
Thats where she is now, looking for her gf who’s most likely dead.

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(Can I use 2 characters? I have Caspian,one half of a twin, and Alia, a character from my story I want ro flesh out some more)

(Yeah sure go ahead! I cant wait to see them!)