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In this rp, you stumble across a god. His eyes glow purple, and his seemingly intimidating energy might all just be a cover up to hide his true identity. Is he really all he says he is? Only time will tell.

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Name: Chrisy Drew
Age: Over 300 years old
Zodiac: Revsna (Constellation of the Demon)
Gender/sexuality: Woman ⎮⎮⎮ Pansexual
Height: 7'3"
Insert a voice claim if ya want: (No voice claim but I have a voice description) Her voice is in the low alto range, and sounds sweet but dominant; she slightly emphasizes her "s" sounds and shortens "y," "e," and "i" sounds. Her "d" and "t" sounds are slightly sharp.
Aesthetic: Whatever this - - is
Looks: ⎮⎮⎮ Her wingspan is about twice her height - so 14'6".
Personality: Dominant (In every sense you can think of [yes including that one]) If you think you're going to get any small details past her, you'd be mistaken. She notices everything- up to and including your body heat and what your bone structure looks like. She's very controlling and doesn't like it when people are very rude to her.
Background: (All in due time 😈)
Add any extra!: Proficient in demonic magic (i.e. poison magic, sanguimancy, bone control soul manipulation, telekinesis, etc.) Loves using spears, swords and whips and she has two custom made weapons: Blackreach ( and Starfall (

(Yes I'm using dommy mommy lol)

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XDDD of course-

Name: Kreo
age: ?
Gender/sexuality: trans male, bisexual
Height: 8ft but can shrink himself when needed.
Voice claim: deep and soft voice with a whole mix of accents. Usually sounds a bit monotone.
Personality: seems very distant and tends to limit the amount of people he’s actually close with. Even if he acts like he doesnt care, he does. He beats himself up over everything all the time. Even if his voice is monotone, he does tend to joke a lot, either that or he is very serious.
Background: you’ll learn if youre worthy.
Extra: he’s a god of creation. But he is also a creation and he knows it. Look at character sheet for more info!

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(Lmao alrighty that works)

Chrisy was falling.

How long ago she had started falling was irrelevant, really, since time didn't matter to her. Not when she was immortal.

But she did find it annoying. After all, what kind of crackhouse dimension or god just lets her fall through reality and into another dimension.

She sighs quietly, though the sound and air was quickly snatched away by the screeching and howling winds of the void.

She manages to turn, so she's facing "down."

She squints and notes an odd sight and grins, before hitting something and passing out.

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Chrisy starts awake.

She's looking up at the sky.

She looks over to her left. Open fields.

Over to the right. A man.

She chuckles and sits up, the metal on her dress clicking slightly, the transparent fabric revealing her lacy underwear.

"Well hello there. It's not often one wakes up after falling through the void to find a charming young man such as yourself." she coos.

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"Not hard at all, really. At least, not hard enough for me to be dead." Chrisy grins, showing off perfect white teeth and sharp incisors.

"As for broken bones, it wouldn't matter if I had any - super regeneration and all that." she chuckles, letting the man help her stand.

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He hums, “Well good. My name is Kreo. Sorry about that by the way. I assume I must have left a weak point-“ he huffs, looking annoyed. “Well. Nice to meet you. My name is Kreo.” He kisses the top of her hand.

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"Oh, don't worry about that 'hole' thing." she teases.

Chrisy raises one of her perfect eyebrows. "My, aren't you just delightful?"

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"No, I can get back whenever I want - this body is just an effigy anyways. A doll. But I actually kinda like it in this world. Very roomy." Chrisy chuckles, her eyes gleaming.