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Soooooooooooooooooooooooo… I was rereading The Soul Labyrinth….. And it kinda made me wanna role-play… But role-playing with all my characters is hard…. So I thought…
What if….
I did a role-play…
That takes place…
After my books….
And some of your characters popped on by… and learned some of what happened… and trauma… and pain…

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Awe, sadness. I understand though. It's hard to juggle work with everything else in life. If you can/change your mind this will always be open for you.

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My books are a travesty, that's what my books are. Basically everyone dies, and the like four that are left are basically permanently mentally and physically damaged. They're a mess.

Basically, in my books I have a cast of like….. 23 characters, they are all fighters in some way or another. I've got a few assassins, some mages, some that can change into dragons, others that are other animals, some that are just incredibly powerful warriors. All of these characters are from planets all around the universe, but the planet they were on for the book is really medieval based. A lot of fighting happens in the books. The premises is that there's this huge war that's been going on and my cast of characters is trying to stop it. It's later found out that an entire planet is trying to take over the the universes, so my cast change their focus to trying to stop them, and basically all of them die in the process of trying to stop this planet. There are literally only like four left… so yeah.

My books are a travesty.

Since this roleplay is supposed to be what happened after my books, the characters you'll meet are:
Chail Whitney, an animorphic that can change into a giant wolf. She is the youngest of my cast of characters in my books, during the books she is literally the friendliest, most easily trusting person. Always keeping everyone happy that sort of thing.
Lachlan Beu, a combat medic from Earth. He chose to stay with this planet after everything because basically he has no one else to connect with back on Earth. And other reasons which will be learned during the Role-play.
Kye Gathrodir, the only native from the planet they're on. He can create an impenetrable forcefield, that takes the kinetic energy from being hit by literally anything, magic included, and use it to strengthen the shield. So hitting it only makes it stronger. He's also incredibly savvy with his words. He doesn't prefer getting into fights, so he talks his way out of a lot.
And Adderson Loyal, an assassin, that can teleport basically anywhere, but the more he does it and the farther he goes the more it drains him. He was trained to be an assassin basically since birth, so his emotional capacity is… very limited. He didn't used to react to things almost at all, he's slowly getting better at it though. Also he wears a mask. Has never and will never take the mask off.
(This is partially because I didn't know how to describe him but you know)

Also Kye has a girlfriend named Hunter, But she belongs to @PrettyLittlePyro So I'll let them tell you about her.

One more thing I should explain about the planet they are all on, it's called Htrae.
This is where we'll be. To give you an idea as to the terrain, and if you want your characters to end up anywhere in particular.
The thing I need to explain is how your character could get there if they don't have magic or anything that could get them there. Htrae is a hotbed for these things called cuts. You can't see them, can't hear them, can't trace them. You could just be walking down the street and then suddenly appear in a huge forest. These cuts can take your characters anywhere. They aren't controlled by anything, anymore, and appear at random. So if your characters want to get back home, they have to hope they can find another cut, or they have to find Adderson in order to get them home.
Fair warning now, you can have your characters appear in the mountains. Those places are a nightmare and a half, so you have been warned.
More about the main story will be revealed as the Role-play goes.
(Does this work???)

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The characters you decide you want to use are completely up to you, as for powers, that's also up to you. They're your characters that'll be coming here. And how they get there is up to you. If you want to have them come through a cut that's fine, and if they have magic that can teleport them to the planet that would also work. Or if you want your character could crash into the planet in a space ship. Nothing you send here will really phase any of the characters at this point. The only thing I would ask is that there are no completely OP characters.

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Oka0y, I have a couple things to add before we truly get started here. The first thing is that there a few things on the map that are not fully accurate. The big Kingdom, Olphaltia, is actually partially imbedded in a huge almost cave like opening in the ground. In the direct center of the forests of both Rothe and Ethor is a huge, and I mean absolutely massive, land pillar. Think Mt. Everest stacked on itself twice size for how tall this land pillar is, though it's not exactly super wide. And the last thing is that there is a huge system of caves running to every corner of the map. The caves are just as dangerous as anywhere above ground so your chances are going to be just as low without some help. My planet is basically like…. Space Australia x2 I was not nice with this. My hope is that one of you poor souls accidentally gets too close to the Hith Uan. ;)
And for those who would like, this is optional, I have a template for you. If you want though you can just throw a character at the planet and let us learn about them as we go.
The only thing I really need you to tell me about your characters is just where you intend to drop them into my planet. Just so I can get a sense of who of my characters would be nearest to them.

Physical Description:
Little overview of backstory: