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All are welcome to join
There must always be a trigger warning before explicit violence. Cussing is okay.
Rules are basically Andrews rules
Please be active regularly.
Romance is okay, as long as both parties discuss it beforehand

Plot is:
A group of teenagers are on vacation in England. They rent out an old medieval castle, and stay in it for the vacation. The first day, goes fine, but after that they start seeing and hearing things. Things that aren't natural, but can easily be explained. One morning, one friend is found injured in their wing of the castle. They're traumatized. They're bleeding badly and look as though they've been brutally beat. They say there was a person in the castle. That the person had been causing all the weird things to happen. By the end of the vacation, The group makes it out alive, but their lives will never be the same

Character sheet:


Here's my character

Name: Rainnee De Lacroix (Rainie Deh Larcroy)
Age: 17
Appearance: She's tall and thin, with a small round nose that barely holds the massive round glasses she wears. She has pale green eyes and honey brown hair. Her hair comes down to her shoulders, but she keeps it in spacebuns with squarish bangs. She wears a white skirt, a light purple blouse, and a cream colored cardigan. She compliments it with white thigh highs and light purple maryjane shoes.
Personlity:She's kind and curious. She lives for mystery and anything old time. She isn't stupid with her curiosity though. She's investigative, and quick-witted. She loves her friends and is very loyal
Likes:Books, Her friends, Old time castles, Mysteries, and having fun
Dislikes: Being alone for long periods of time, Deep, dark water, Escargo
Other: She has a lot of energy, but keeps it bottled up until necessary

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(hihi this looks fun!! do i need to put down a little writing template to join or?)

@AnxietyGremlin group

(nope. I'm pretty chill about that stuff, as long as you can keep it going I don't mind short replies or anything like that. Just put up the character you're going to be and we can work from there)

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(okie! i usually do mid-length replies, if that makes sense.)

Name: Seric Irinisia (pronounced Eer-in-asya)
Age: 18
Nationality: Mexican, caucasian (mixed)
Sexuality: Lesbian
Appearance: Dark, messy hair down to shoulder blades, which is always down. 5'8. Dark-skinned, dark brown eyes. Ripped black jeans, combat boots, orange spaghetti-strap tank top and jacket (the jacket looks something like this
Personality: ESTP-A (Assertive Campaigner). Again, she is spontaneous and loud and explorative. Seric is is also very impulsive, rarely thinks twice.
Likes: Running, winning (she's competitive), generally being active and spontaneous
Dislikes: Staying still, enclosed spaces, being quiet/quiet spaces

(By the way she is from another story that is not from a realistic world so that's why her first and last name aren't real names, that I know of haha)

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Name: Finley Clary
Age: 18
Nationality: Irish Gaelic
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: /// 6'8"
Personality: They are a wise-ass and a bit clueless sometimes, but their heart is always in the right place. They enjoy causing mass confusion by saying random, nonsensical things, and have started many a debate over ridiculous things.
Likes: Confusing people, pranks, dark clothes, watching people struggle to figure out what gender they are, random shower thoughts, flowers, lo-fi music
Dislikes: Rude people, homophobes, spiders, the Lucky Charms leprechaun, Tony the Tiger (of Frosted Flakes fame)
Other: Nobody knows what gender they are, and they want to keep it that way, just for the sake of watching people have a mental breakdown over trying to figure out what gender they are.

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(what i do is do a random number generator when i cant choose, odd number for male even number for female)

@Avhira-The-Eldritch-Horror group

Name: Amelia Madison
Age: 16
Nationality: white canadian
Sexuality: unsure
Appearance: long purple hair, average height, lavender eyes, usually wears witch themed clothing. (almost a goth style)
Personality: doesn't trust easily, but is really nice once she knows you. loyal, kind, and compassionate.
Likes: friends, myths, things that seem magical.
Dislikes: strangers, loud noises, bright sudden lights, crowded places
Other: Sometimes it seems like she is a bit magical herself, but she never takes the credit for the confusing things that happen around her.

@imJUSTasillylittleguy group

Name:Toshiaki nishioka
Age: 18
Nationality: scottish-japanese.
Sexuality: undecided yet
Appearance: she is 4'9, short blonde hair. She has a t-shirt and shorts on along with some converse. She wears lots of blues.
Personlity:despite her small petite figure she can kick your butt. She has a very short fuse, she will not hesitate to attack you shall you aggitate her. She is kind to people but with her temper it makes it really hard to interact with people without her blowing up at them. If she trains or fights to much then she will be to sore fight more or less move. She overworks herself too much. She's generally a happy optimistic person as long as you don't make her mad.
Likes: ferrets, boxing, training.
Dislikes:bullies, jerks, know it alls.
Other: she has a ferret as a medical animal partner. He helps her sleep and calms her down when she's angry or breaks down.

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(i would play the killer if no one else wants to!!)
(but question is the killer a separate character or the ones we've already posted)

@AnxietyGremlin group

"Okay. Here are the keys and the address" The tall man said, handing Rainnee a set of large keys on an even larger key ring.

The group walked up the gates to a large English castle. It was old. And kind of creepy. The teens walked up the enormous steps and into the castle. It was huge. There were suits of armor on display, feigning the appearance of castle guards, there was a little dust everywhere, like the place hadn't been clean in a while. Not that it was dirty, just a bit untouched. The windows were gigantic and made the hall very well lit. There was a red rug down the center of the hall and the walls were made of stone "Woah. Guys this is so cool!" Rainnee bounced up and down a bit like a child. She was obviously very excited about the castle.

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(Oh, fun little thing that would add a lot of humour: the group tries to catch Finley changing to see what gender they are, but never succeed)

Finley smiles around at the ancient castle.

"Yeah, for once you're right, Rainnee!" they tease, skipping into the giant hall that was the entrance to the castle.

They jog up the stairs, then lean over the railings dangerously, their feet staying solidly on the ground.

"How much do you guys wanna bet that there's a ghost here?"