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In the year 2082, humans and vampires co-exist for better or worse. Of course there are laws, rules, companies, services and organizations like the VHIPA who make sure everything is okay. It rarely ever is, but humans and vampires alike try their best. There are companies who run businesses that sell blood packaged in juice boxes and bottles or even synthesized into jelly snacks. Of course there's blood donations where vampires get rations.

The Crimson Sect, a "secret society" are a primary example of this. They are mysterious down to the basics. Normally vampires don't stay together in such tight groups for long nor do many these days commit acts of serial killings and terror. They've been around for a hundred years, yet have been inactive since five high ranking members were arrested.

The VHIPA (Vampires and Humans International Protection Agency) is an intergovernmental organization that provides for humans and vampires alike; they are the ones who maintain the order. They work alongside local and federal agencies.

When 30 people go missing in three years, they have to pull all the strings to solve this mystery. People are pointing fingers at everybody, and the government wants this solved now.

With one agent from the VHIPA (a new vampire), one forensic specialist from the city (vampire turned in 1924), and a former Crimson Sect member held in prison (vampire turned in 1605), all the government can hope is that they find the answers.

In the bustling city of Cagnol with an underworld where vampires never sleep, the three will have to band together and overcome differences in order to find the missing 30 before more follow their unknown fates.

Notes: All vampires can go out in sunlight, but it does weaken their other abilities. With their smelling, they will know a human's (and sometimes vampire's) status of health, gender, and age. They cannot turn into bats or other creatures, but they can walk on walls and fly. The duration of how long they can do both depends on their age.

Also things like garlic and silver still have a negative affect on them. (There are alternative products designed for vampires.) Crosses tend to not have any affect on vampires, but there tends to be cases where holy water will cause a negative reaction. All of this comes into play depending on the age of a particular vampire.

Key terms

• Crimson Sect: Secret society for vampires in the global criminal underworld. Often believed to be a cult.
• Cagnol: A city in northern New York that is basically like NYC except it is home to one of the VHIPA's main headquarters.
• Vampires and Humans International Protection Agency (VHIPA): An (obviously) international agency whose goal is to protect humans and vampires alike. Not only do they work with local and federal governments/agencies, but they also work with corporations to create necessities for vampires like juice boxes with flood, blood fused jelly snacks, and even proper medical supplies. Basically are a government in their own right, yet they don't admit it.


  • FYI: This is a sci-fi dystopian-esque vampire rp so there will be mentions of blood, gore, violence, and all that jazz.
  • Sexy times will be skipped over. Mentions are okay though.
  • Andrew's rules
  • Three detailed paragraphs per response (but it's cool if you can only do one)
  • Be cool to others OOC. It's fine if you aren't in rp, but you have to be OOC.
  • As stated there are three roles: one agent from the VHIPA (a new vampire), one forensic specialist from the city (vampire turned in 1924), and a former Crimson Sect member held in prison (vampire turned in 1532). I'll be the last one.
  • Side note to last point: your character can be from anywhere in the world and of any gender/sexuality. It's all good.
  • I don't know what else to say. Have fun, ask any questions, give ideas if you want, and yeah, that's it. :)

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Name: Lucille "Lucy" Huang
Role: New Vampire
Age: 19
Year Turned: 2081
Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her
Sexuality: Questioning, pretty sure she's pan

Appearance: Lucy is of Vietnamese descent, giving her naturally narrow and dark eyes with deep brown hair that always has a slight wave to it. Her hair is long, reaching mid-back, but she always styles it up in two ponytails with sharp bangs. She has olive skin that's been severely de-saturated due to her vampireyness with faint freckles all over her face. She has fairly large lips, a button nose and thin eyebrows that she always plucks and fills to be extra sharp. Lucy stands at about 5'2" with a fairly curvy body shape. She has several piercings – a septum ring, an eyebrow bar, a helix bar on her left ear, two lobe piercings on her right – all made of gold and she wants more. Lucy predominately leans towards gothic, punk and alternative forms of fashion. She likes fishnet shirts beneath bleach-dyed tanktops with baggy black cargo jeans and platform boots. She also wears dark sunglasses wherever she goes to help block out sun. Don't forget the heavy, smokey eye make-up and spiked choker. The choker always hides her puncture scars. She looks barely eighteen. Picrew 1 Picrew 2 Picrew 3

Personality: Lucy… can be very hard to be around. She's blunt, assertive, and often childish and whiney. Often times, her words manage to be insulting without her even trying, as if she has a subconscious ability to get a knife right into somebody's armor. She likes getting her way and likes to look pretty and be powerful. She can be petty and difficult and bratty, but all she really needs is positive attention. All her life she's been looking for some limelight, leading her to do unhealthy things. She's fully aware of how bad she can get, but she chooses to not acknowledge it for the sake of her own pride. In all honesty, all Lucy wants is a safe place with people who won't flake out on her the second she becomes undesirable. Despite this, she does know how to get a job done and is actually extremely intelligent. She knows how to put a and b together, no matter how hard it is for her to see the bigger picture. She may bitch and complain, but the job is never half-assed.

Background: Growing up with a single, divorced father working a full-time job, Lucy always felt neglected. She spent too many days alone in her room with nothing but social media and videos of perfect people to keep her company. She let her mind take her away, let the internet spoil her and give her false realities of the real world. She grew delusional with who she wanted to be, even going to extreme measures to try to be like the influencers that told her she was worth it if she followed x, y, and z. She developed eating disorders and chronic mood swings, all trying to be like the perfect blonde, skinny girls inside her phone. When Lucy was old enough, she started sneaking out (not that her father cared that much to begin with) and went to clubs while underage. She smoked, drank, and partied the night away with perfect strangers trying to at least feel some sort of attention and love. One night, when she had barely turned eighteen, Lucy was taken into a dark alley behind a bright club and was bitten. She woke up, found by a member of the VHIPA. He explained to her that she had been bitten and turned. Lucy was devastated, to say the absolute least. In her eyes, this destroyed any chance she had of actually being "cool" and accepted by other humans. With nowhere else to go, Lucy took up residence at the VHIPA and took up a small-paying job as an agent sent to investigate more bitings.

Other: she needs a parental figure asap. she also hates her job. and she loves 2000's emo music.


(i love her!! do want to caution y'all that my character may be up tomorrow, buuut I doubt it, sicne i'll be pretty busy)

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(Lucy's amazing, I love her! And it's all good, Ice. No worries!)

Name: Narciso Amantea
Role: Former Crimson Sect member
Age: 502
Year Turned: 1605
Gender/Pronouns: Cis male (He/him)
Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Despite having been turned at 25, he looks pretty young for his age. (In the sense that he looks younger than 25.) Narciso has wavy jet black hair that is chin length; he prefers to keep it neat and parted in the middle, yet it gets messy pretty easily. Originally his eyes were a light brown, but they appeared to be darker now. They go well with his honey-toned skin. His bite scar is on the left side of his neck and is quite faded yet still noticeable. Narciso has sculptured features; the most prominent being his grecian nose and upturned, smoky eyes. He practically is a sculpture like the statue of David. Believe him, he tries to use his appearance to get his way or to get out of something.
Personality: Boy does Narciso know how to party like it's 1605! The vamp is all about drama, partying, putting on a show, and having a good time; all of which is up to one's interpretation. Danger is fun to him; it's exciting and he loves it. Oddly enough he's quite the protective one, despite the fact he doesn't want to admit his ever bleeding heart. Narciso always analyzes every single little detail, hoping to further himself and his goals by any means possible. He is thoughtful, but he always misguided when using his own means to make sure that happens. Usually he is misguided with motives, always bring afraid of being in danger or hurting his pride and reputation. No matter what, Narciso is determined and persistent in what he does. Sometimes it is for the good of others, and sometimes we don't know the motive. Either way, it is always interesting when Narciso is there.
Background: Originally born as Nettunu (he doesn't remember the rest of his original name), Narciso was the fifth child out of seven children. He ran away from his home in Sicily at the age of sixteen after getting caught stealing food. Somehow he got on a boat then stepped foot in Florence. For two years, he was all over the city taking on odd-end jobs. While looking at a market stall with narcissus flowers, he met a painter named Vespasiano Amantea after helping the artist's three year old daughter reunite with her father. And like magic, he became the artist's muse.

One could say that it was love at first sight. The two were as inseparable as they were stronger together. They both had other lovers on the side, but they were always together practically as husbands. Narciso was even considered Vespasiano's daughter's second father. Vespasiano and Narciso became a household name among the wealthy after Vespasiano painted a portrait of Adonis and the boar for a cardinal's nephew. From then on, it was like nothing could stop them.

Narciso was bitten by a patron in his home. The patron told him that he knew Vespasiano and Narciso were lovers and was going to report them. Narciso said he would do anything to keep Vespasiano and their family safe, and he ultimately did.

He didn't run away after turning into a vampire. Up until Vespasiano's death, he always watched over him and their daughter at night. Narciso even went back to kill the patron and his family, including the one who was a vampire.

From then on, he just hopped around the Italian peninsula. He took on the name Narciso Amantea. In the 1700s, he went into a deep sleep for a hundred years. One time he traveled around Europe as an actor, but had to quite after killing someone when they noticed he didn't have a reflection in the mirror. Narciso ended up joining a secret society group called Phantasma, but ended up leaving it once humans caught members in the early 2010s.

Having gain a reputation from being in Phantasma and terrorizing the wealthy of Italy, he became active with the nightlife in Europe. Although he has run into the VHIPA multiple times, he thought that going to America would solve some of his problems. Did it? Probably not. Now as someone who was betrayed by their group and now in jail, he would rather be running in circles.
Other: Narciso changed his name as homage to Vespasiano and the nickname he was given. Among his belongings taken when arrested is a folded piece paper with a painting on it; he's very sensitive about anyone else touching it and he wants to keep it on him always.


(I'm so sorry for the wait, I'm just about ready to create my character, but I have a question: when did vampires become like…common knowledge/accepted in society? bc I'm assuming they haven't always been. It's kinda important for my character's backstory lmao)


(alright! So like,, became common knowledge approximately 25 years after my character was turned? but still ostracized until the early 2000s)
(oh my god twilight came out in the early 2000s i–)

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(they had protest signs with edward's face on them while wearing the shirts)

(lmao i'll be honest, i totally forgot about twilight. i was thinking about the interview with the vampire movies axgzkalg)