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A deaf boy.

Born with over sensitive hearing, the young boy goes deaf in an accident, when a loud sound is just too loud and bursts his eardrums. From age 12, he has been deaf, and terribly misses the ability to see.


A mute boy.

Born with the inability to speak, the young boy has always found it difficult to communicate what he feels. He has ways to ‘speak’ texting, writing. But he always feels as if is unable to truly communicate.

I know this isn’t very developed, but it’s just an idea.

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Name: Casey Barret

Age:17 (?)

Gender: Male; He/Him/His

Brief personality: Mostly a Calm and collected person, Casey usually likes to go to new places and listen to music. The only time he can get a bit agitated is when people cant understand him.

Brief history: When Casey was younger he went on a camping trip with his father. They were having fun until one time, Casey was running around in the forest when he had ran into an extremally thin line of plastic rope that hit his neck. The rope had cut his Larynx and had damaged his vocal cords so bad, nothing could really help it. He just had to live the rest of his life as a mute.

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Name: Andahee ‘Andi’ Smith
Age: 17
Gender: Male He/Him
Brief personality: Andi is strangely quiet for a deaf person. He makes almost no sound when he moves, or does anything. He loves communicating with other people. He’s usualy cheerful, and smiling. He has the kind of smile that lights up a room, and the kind of guy everyone likes.
Brief history: Andi was born deaf, and has been slowly learning how to speak. One sound at a time. He’s the kid everyone likes, and always had friends. Until he moved to a new state, new high school, and suddenly, he wasn’t the cool deaf kid. He was an outsider.

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(Idk how long Casey’s been there- Andi’s from Ney York, and the story takes place in Texas. . . You just specified Casey’s accident, so Idk his educational situation)