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Character A is from a wealthy merchant family that is down on their luck. Loosing money quickly due to a horrible contract that had the family at a loss for their money and scampering to keep their higher status, they take advantage of the chance to marry their child off into a new family.

to the union of two hearts

Character B is the fist born child to the large lordship that presides over the ports and farms, the fiefdom called Stalright. They’re the heir to the family and are looking for a husband/wife, so they hold parties, to get to know the available people for the role.

is the bond

Character A does not want to get married, and especially to the tyrant their parents have set their eyes on. The young lordling of the fiefdom. Character A is preferring to become a sailer, to work on their parents ships and eventually become the head of the family. But with the money declining, the family is getting restless.

of matrimony.

Character B is called a tyrant. But they aren;t not really. What people see as them being a tryrant, is them with just some anger issues. And maybe a little tyrannical. They do think that those who commit treason should be sent to death. Those who break the laws should be punished severely.

  • If you want to join this RP, please make sure replies are at least 100 words, 150-300 would be preferred and anything more is welcome. I just dont know if I’ll be able to reply with the same gusto if you go over about 400 words.
  • If you know that your life is going to overtake you, or you simply need a break, please let me know, as I always try my best to do the âme for others.
  • Please be kind outside of RP, inside, I don’t mind, as long as it doesn’t break Andrew’s rules.
  • I have no limitations on topic’s within RP, but if you have anything you’d prefer not to do, just let me know! I do not want to do anything to offend any possible RP partners, and I always try to make sure there are boundaries if they are needed.
  • Communication is very important to me. I would prefer someone active enough to make at least one reply a day, but I know life comes up. So if that happens, just let me know, and we’re all good.

I’ll ask for a writing sample for this one, and I’ll get a template up once someone joins.
I’d prefer to be A

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Caspian crawled in through the window and sat on the seat right below just like last night and the night before that. He had gotten quite good at sneaking in over the years, but the anxiety that came with it never got easier to handle. He hopped down off the window seat and onto the cold stone floor of his room. Cass looked around and moved to the hearth fire. The dying coals glowing thousands of different shades of red and orange. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he noticed the dark silhouette of a man on the other side of the room before he remembered it was only Ryle.
Cass stumbled his way over to him and knelt down, resting his head in fin's lap. "Are joul stilll awake?" he slur-whispered.

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(Looks good, you have it! I’ll give you the sheet so you can start working on making the lordling [unless you wanna b A? Its just that I suck at being anger prone characters])

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Body Type)
Family Business)

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Name: Cassius “Cass” Hawkins
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Eyes) Warm blue eyes, almost the color of clear ice and seem to shift with his emotions. The light the color, the better his mood. The darker the color, the worse his mood is.
Hair) A brown so dark it’s almost black.
Skin) Golden, tanned from lots of time spent outside in the sun.
Height) 5’7”
Weight) 173lbs
Body Type) lean and muscular.
Title) N/A
Occupation) Merchant‘s Son
Family Business) Merchant
Personality: Cass is an overall cheerful person on the outside, but on the inside he’s calculating and always paying attention. He never says anything he doesn’t mean to say and always takes his time with his words. When doing this, Cass can be silent for minuets at a time, just thinking of the best way to say something. When having a conversation with him, it’s ideal to have lots of patience because when rushed, Cass will just take longer on purpose. He’ll even put this way of thinking into his writing.
Back to his outside portrayal, he’s usually never without his disarming and charming smile and he’s quick with a laugh. Those who really know him know the difference between his real smile and laugh versus his courtiers smile and laugh. When he’s really happy and smiling, he has a dimple in his left cheek, and his laugh is bright. With his courtiers smile, there are no dimples and his laugh is slightly lower, not as bright.
Cass is pretty easy going, and will take an insult in stride, flashing a smile and laughing. Depending on how bad the insult is though, his eyes may darken with anger, but many people don’t think the darkening of his eyes is from anger, as he never portrays anger. If the insult is really bad, he’ll usually come up with some clever way to embarrass the person in front of everyone.
When he’s with the people he cares about, Cass is completely different, not so quick with a laugh or smile, as his real ones are far and few between. Instead of thinking of the right thing to say to please the person in front of him, or get information out of them, he’ll usually tell the truth and tell them of his worries, knowing that sharing these things are enter than trying to deal with them alone.
Cass has interesting humor, sometimes preferring a darker humor, or ever ‘dad’ humor, with stupid and cheesy jokes. He can find a funny side to almost anything, and enjoys seeing people laugh (Well, the people he thinks should be happy).
- Writing; Cass has always loved writing from a young age, and in general, telling stories.
- Debating; Cass loves to have a good debate, whether he’s right or wrong, Cass will have a good hearted debate with anyone, but once it turns into an argument, the young man will usually back out of it. He’ll also admit the loss of the debate if his point is proven wrong.
- Parties; Music and dancing are two of favorite things to do, below writing.
- Repetitiveness; If people, stories or anything repeated itself more than 3 times, it will start to annoy Cass to his last nerves, and he may just get up and walk away from whatever/whoever is doing the repeating.
- Liars; He hates the idea that someone could lie to another person.
- Bossiness; There is a difference in telling someone what to do when you need someone to do something and just telling someone to do something because you can and/or want to.
Fears: -Man Made Heights; She’s perfectly fine with natural heights, bu many made heaighgt, anything height than the fourth floor, she’s terrified of.
- Bees; Just another random thong-
- Sleeping Alone; For some reason, when he sleeps alone he's plagued by nightmeres. To solve this, he's always slept with the family dog. (For drama’s sake, he's not allowed to bring the dog with him after the marriage)
Mental) N/A
Physical) N/A
Background: (I’ll add this soon)

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Name: Charles William Alexander de Lorne
Age: 24
Gender: male
Eyes) green
Hair) brown short curly
Skin) yes
Height) 6'2
Weight) 168lbs
Body Type) Athletic
Title) Lordling
Personality He is a man of high status and noble lineage, with an arrogant demeanor and a sense of entitlement. He is used to getting his way and expects others to bow down before him. Despite his arrogance, he possesses a keen mind and a sharp tongue. He is a fan of parties and will go out of his way to enjoy one. He likes to drink, and is often found at elaborate parties and events, surrounded by his socialite friends.
-People who annoy him
-Being ignored or dismissed
-Cheap, low-quality items
-Being forgotten
-The dark
-Deap waters
Mental) hubris
Physical) N/A
Background: He was born into a wealthy and powerful family, and grew up surrounded by privilege. He was given everything he wanted and never had to struggle for anything. His parents were distant and cold, so he never felt true love from them, leading him to become a cold and distant person himself. He has never been taught how to share or how to be kind, and he now views those who are less fortunate than him with disdain. He is arrogant and looks down on anyone who is not as wealthy or powerful as he is. He is quick to judge others and has a habit of making assumptions about people based on their appearance or social status.
Other: He has a soft spot for art and children

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(I was thinking the story could start at the engagement party and neither of them really wants to be with the other? Like, they don’t like each other but are only doing it because they have to?)

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Cassius was not happy. Despite how much he loved parties and music, this was not a party he wanted to be at. His parents had thought it would ba a wonderful idea for him to get married. To keep their wealth and high status. Cass didn’t know what to think of that, it was his fathers own damn fault that he’d lost most of their fortune and he decided to use his only son to get more money.

So that put Cass here, at his own stupid engagement party, and he was not having any fun. Really he would rather slam his head into the nearby wall than meet the lordling he was supposed to marry. The arrogant tyrant that ruled over them all. He shakes his head, swirling his glass of wine and looking into the deep ruby red liquid. It looked like blood, really.

He sighed and kept the slight smile on his face, pretending, and being very damn good at it, that he was pleased with he engagement. That he was happy his family was able to reimburse their coffers.

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Charles was not having it. First, he was being forced to go to a party that's soul purpose was to show off his and his fiancé's engagement. Then, his parents would not even let him make it a fun party. He looked at himself through a full length mirror, checking that he was as fabulous as he thought he was one last time. He was supposed to have presented himself out there twentyish minutes ago, but what were they going to do? This was already enough a of a punishment. Char popped his collar, unbuttoned the top three buttons, and headed out.

The grand ballroom was teaming with people of notibal statis, and even some who weren't. they should really start venting the people they invite to these things. There is no point in inviting the lower class. Char thought to himself before remembering that he was going to marry one of the 'lower class'. he bit his lip and looked over the crowd again, trying to find his fiancé. Was his name Cassius?

Char spotted his mother speaking to…someone less important, it didn't matter, maybe she knew where his fiancé was. He started to work his way over, but ran into someone holding a glass of wine and looking off dreamily into the distance. Some of the crimson juice spilled out of the cup and almost hit Char's shirt. "Whoah, watch where you're standing." He gave the man a onceover, he practically reeked of plebeian. "why are you up here on the balcony? Guests are supposed to stay on the main floor."

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Cassius was still staring at the wall, internally debating the benefits of slamming his head into the wall verses drowning himself in the wine. He sighs softly, looking up just into for someone to run into him. He blinked and stepped back, frowning slightly, Yes, I defiantly want to slam my head into the wall. . . He looks at the man who had ran into him, flashing a smile and laughing softly, “My apologies, but really. . . I’ve been standing here for a while, maybe you should watch where you’re going, lordling.”

He looks the man over, automatically assuming it was Charles. “I’m not a ‘guest’ as you put it. I’m here against my own free will, this is a rather boring party, and I’m sure there’s a much more amusing one I could be at right now.” He looks to the floor, silent for a moment, “You don’t seem too pleased either though.”