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Life may come to you on silver platters.

Or trash heaps.

For [Name] it came on both. The silver he found discarded in the trash heaps below the floating city of Aricon was how he made his money. Tiny pieces or large ones, he was always there to find it. He could identify the precious metal through any dirt and grime. He collects it, melts it down and then sells it.

Meanwhile, above, in the sky, [Name] used silver every day. The metal was light, Malia le and nice, as well as expensive. He made androids, covering their plastic bodies with a smooth, thin coat of silver, then engraving it. His work was well known.

Until there’s a silver shortage. The silver has been disappearing from the silver mines and from the trash heaps. Both men are loosing money faster than they can blink.

I want this to be like a secret organization is taking the silver and planning to over throw the corrupt leaders or Aricon kinda plot, and they slowly get sucked deeper and deeper into the mess.

I would prefer to be the Drone maker, but I can be ether.