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Jesse Nahdi didn’t exactly grow up here, but she’s come to love this place. It was her home.
But it would soon be ripped away from her along with 329 million other people.
The bombs weren’t supposed to hit the states. Sure there was talk between the countries of a war for land and soldiers. But nothing was actually going to happen right? The presidents met in person and formed a peace treaty before a war could start.
So why were mothers now weeping for their children who are now underneath the rubble, fighting for their lives if theirs wasn't already taken away from them? Fire billowing over toppled buildings. Firetrucks and police zooming along the cracked roads trying to find any survivors.
People being dragged out of buildings, blood seeping through their clothes and limbs crushed if not blown off. Their lungs struggling to fill with air, their breath raspy and their body’s failing to keep them alive.
This is when everyone lost their lives.
This is the beginning…of the end.

Our characters will start out when the first bombing hit. When the panic hits and desperation soon sets it. Whether they lose hope or not depends on them though.
People lose their sense of morality and humility.
Over time, humanity as we know it will have changed for the worst. There aren't any laws anymore and people are going to take advantage of that.
Will you be a part of it, or will you go against them and hold onto your morals?
I will tell you know, there's a lot of rules and it may seem like a lot. But please read through all of it and you'll see that they're all extremely easy to follow. Im just details. Why you may ask? Well that's the key to a good roleplay that doesn't die immediately.
I want this roleplay to last. I want this roleplay to be something for you guys to look forward to reply to or at least read every day. I want this to be so fun for us all, that right after you post you're already reloading the page to see if anyone else has replied.
This is also a safe space guys and im not mean i swear. If you feel the need to pm me or something, go ahead babes. Im here. Whether its personal, a complaint, or simply something about the roleplay. Go for it!
Now time for the rules ^^
First things first. I can say no. For any reason. Don't take it personally please. I don't say no to people often but don't totally rule out the possibility please.
Don't put any basic characters please. No Mary sues or whatever. Have some originality.
With that, make sure the characters you put in are going to be important to the plot of the roleplay. Make sure they're not dragging the roleplay down or holding it back.
I don't put up with unnecessarily short responses. I get it if there's nothing more to say but that's about it. Don't just put in what they're saying. Put in what they're feeling, thinking, senses of all kinds. Three sentences at the very least. If your replies are unreasonable, and consistently short, I will call it out. I'm not a bitch i swear but i do want a good roleplay and i want everyone to have a nice time.
There will be romance. Take smut and stuff to the pms please if there is any. But if you do, go ahead and ask for a time skip, then do that so you guys don't just hide away in the pms and abandon the roleplay. So like, if you're in the pms with this, still be active here. :)
There will be gore, violence, and mention of triggering topics. Specifically with the mention of triggering topics, put a TW at the beginning of your post.
triggers include: Mention of SA in any way shape or form, mental illness, self harm or the action of any of these things.
This part is only for if someone who joins the roleplay doesn't particularly like gore and still wants to be a part of this rp. We still want to welcome them and let them know that we care about that
As for violence and gore. do the same thing please. Just put like a ///gore warning/// thing at the beginning or before the gore happens in bold and you're good. It's not hard to do so don't complain about it :)
We dont disciminate as you know. Lgbtq+ is allowed obviously. But if someone doesn't prefer their character to be queer, dont hate on them. Same the other way around.
I see anyone being the slightest bit rude about this at all, you will be kicked immediately. So if you have something mean to say, shut the hell up. :)
My rp my rules. They're not unreasonable but if you don't follow them, you will be kicked. They're easy rules to follow.
You may have 4 characters max. You can add them in any time in the roleplay. So take advantage of that and have fun. For anyone who doesn't want that many characters, thats alight! you can have 1 if its too much for you or just not your preference. <3
With the character sheets. Links are welcomed for appearance. Even if you do have a link, please give us a heavy description of your character's appearance
This is super important bc we need to know what your character looks like! From facial structure to over all body time. What does their nose and eyes look like? do they have cute rosy cheeks? Do they have big or small lips? What piercing's or tattoos do they have? Do they smile often? If they do, is it a big cheeky smile?
Gimme detail! I wanna know what your character looks like and we want to be able to put their beauty into our writing when we write this.
If you're having troubles with this, go off of my template I've put below. Again, you don't have to be ridiculously descriptive or anything. But at least write more than 3 lines haha
You don't have to be super detailed on personality, for we will find that out in the roleplay as we write together.
Here's the requirements for the character sheets.
Put ethnicity, skintone, height, weight, eye color, hair color and style and length. Style of clothing, and body type.
If you put that they're 5 feet and malnourished, don't have your characters be strong. Same goes for a 6ft buff character. they're not weak. be realistic please lol.
I will ask for a writing sample of yours if I'm not familiar with your writing. But chances are i am lol. Don't put a sample up unless i specifically ask you for it. Thank you
I only ask for so many rules so everyone has a nice time and this doesn't die within a month. Bc that's just depressing
I think that's all for the rules.
Here's the character sheet. Please do not add any categories of your own in this without asking me first. And kind of show me your writing within this! Have fun with it! :D
Personality: (optional)
Backstory: (also optional)
Here's my girl Jesse! i hope you like her
Name: Jesse Nadhi (pronounced Jessy.)
Age: 27
Gender/pronouns: female she\her
Sexuality: lesbian
Shipping: yes
I've got these paintings of her i did :3 (here's the sketch version of this bc its hard to see)
(and here's an older one ig
here's her Pinterest board that i heavily recommend you looking at bc i worked vv hard on it haha :) (and pictures of her dog is here too!)
She stands tall at 6’4” and Weighing roughly 195-200lbs. Jesse has a muscular build with more broad shoulders and a good bit of definition in her muscles. She protecc, she attacc, but most importantly, she a snacc ;)
She has darker skin (as seen in the painting above^) with green eyes and a caramel faded color along the rim of her irises.
Jesse is part Arabic part German. She has a thick German accent and a low, raspy voice. Like it's so scary and she can be very loud with it too. (she's the type of angry person to get violent haha :,) my girl has anger issues im sorry but she's not)
She has a wolf cut goin on with thick back hair that she sometimes slicks back. She has a black bandana on her at all times be it on her arm or in her hair.
Jesse wears mostly a sports bra or a loose tank with cargo shorts or pants. Like those big bulky ones with a bunch of pockets. yeah those.
She has a bunch of small tattoos along her body along with scars and meticulously places freckles or moles on her skin.
Jesse has thick eyebrows and lashes to match her hair but her lashes aren't super long. They just DARK haha
She has a broad nose with a heavy arch and her eyes are big and slanted upwards. She has a mean look to her that sometimes she purposely does it sometimes she doesnt.
Her lips are full and naturally darker and her cheeks tend to not have much color to them. She has a single thicker black septum ring that goes in a full circle she peirced herself, along with all of her ears that are decorated with smaller black jewelry. She has decently large gauges on either side of her earlobes with, again, she's stretched herself. Which wouldn't be a good idea if she wasn't a piercer/tattoo artist before the world went to shit :D
Jesse overall is a very masculine woman and im all here for it and i hope you are too :)
Personality: (optional)
She likes socializing, but isn't very good at it, as she comes across as mean and crude in a lot of her words and actions. Jesse is playful but again, in a rude way. She doesn’t get along with others much. She isn't very likable (at first anyway, but ill let you be the judge of that)
She will offend you, comment about your looks, call you out for being an idiot, or just plain out be a jerk to you. Even if you're her friend. But if you are, then hey only she can insult you :D
She will try her best to get under your skin mark my words. But that's only if you give her a reason to. She will try to cut down your will to live and make you rethink your whole life if you didn't already. You need someone to comfort you, don't go to her unless you're her bestie.
On the topic of comforting, she's not good at it. Like, she's really bad at it. She may try, but seriously, i wouldn't even think about it.
Jesse doesn't think about a lot of things a normal person would think about. In the meaning of….she's a little dense when it comes to social cues.
She is automatically very questioning of peoples intentions from the very start and she's hesitant even telling people her name. There's a reason to all of this and you will find out later in the roleplay haha)
She's the kind of person that if she tells you to get out of her way or she'll shoot you, you better get out of her way bc guess what, she will shoot you. She wont kill you, but she will shoot you.
Once you get to know her, she's protective and easy to hang around, not caring what anybody thinks of her and the word “YOLO” is her motto. Or her excuse for doing wild things for no reason. She isn't the most trusting and her morals are literally non-existent. You try to get in her way, she will do everything in her power to get you out of the picture. She has a very hard time expressing love and she herself is very hard to love. But once she does, its worth it bc then you have a guard dog :D
She's not OP obviously, but she will act like it. She bleeds, she can die, she can get hurt. She is very tough though. Physically and mentally.
Short backstory just to show ya'll she has depth and maybe to understand her a little better and why she's such a mean person haha
Jesse, from when she was little little like a baby gorl was basically given up to a small human trafficking organization in Germany. It quickly grew and spread all over the world. With that being said, she was taken to a lot of places, sold like some sort of toy only to be thrown out.
She's witnessed, done, and gone through some terrible things nobody should go through. Not even the worst people. But bc of that, she's strong and she's learned to protect herself and others.
Jesse was able to get out of the system when she was about 25 and ever since has been a hitman earning extra money as being a tattoo artist didn't pay too much.
i know its not very details, but due to triggers, i will not be going into any more detail. Use your imagination ig.
Anyway, bc of all of this, she has been forced to close herself off to protect herself and survive as long as she already has.
Jesse has a dog named Ghabiun! pronounces Ha-Bean. But the H is pronounced a little rough? Idk
Anyway, he's a Cane Corso Mastiff mix with brown and black brindle pattern. He is very big and aggressive as Jesse rescued him from a dog fighting business a while back but not too long ago. They are each others guard dog and besties.
Sorry that was quite a bit. Don't mind me haha
So this isn't like the standard or whatever. Not all templates have to look like this bc mine is a lot. Like honestly a little too much. But it is what it is.
If you would like to, you can get up a character (or two?) that you would want to add to this and then we can talk about how we want our characters to be affected by the war and wear they are now. Like what are they going to do, what's their goal, what have they lost? That kind of thing. So then we can have something to write to pull people in and make them want to join. It might take about a week for them to do so bc most people tend to look at it and take some time to decide whether they want to or not.
There will be a list of us right here with our characters, so ill go ahead and put mine here and update it whenever someone joins, or puts in a new character.
Celeste(me): Jesse Nadhi 27 female , yes to shipping, lesbian (Ghabiun, doggo :) will bite you)
Min-Hyuk Youn male 18 yes to shipping, bi.
Seo Hyeon female 17 yes to shipping pan
@Nyx_ : Alex Rodriguez 21 female, yes to shipping bisexual
@RiverTheSeawing : Eldora Aphelion 24 female bisexual (shipping: TBD)
@Adaras : Tamryn Kodiak Bychkov 17 male straight shipping unknown (minor)
Kohen Lyle Raiden 17 male straight (closeted gay) shipping unknown. (minor)
I made this with @Nyx_ so here ya go :) @Adaras you wanted to join as well :)

@Nyx-Is-Dating-Jaiden! health_and_safety ac_unitJaiden's kitten!

Name: Alex Rodriguez
Age: 25
Gender/pronouns: female, she/her
Sexuality: bisexual
Shipping: yes
Appearance: Alex has a very distinctive jaw line, her face being over all skinny it's almost an oval shape. Her eyebrows are expressive and neatly plucked, they're more of a square shape towards the bridge of her nose. And her eyes have almost an almond shape to them
Alex's hair is long and wavy, a black color to it. Her hair is healthy to the point where it shines in the sun and she has no split ends. This is also troubling for her since it easily comes undone when in a high ponytail, having to make her secure it a lot when doing activities. She has no specific hair cut to it, letting it grow naturally. There are no layers to it and she has never once dyed it.
Alex weighs 170 lbs, standing at 6'0". Her skin tone is a medium taupe, having a natural tan to her skin. She has toned muscles but isn't exactly bulky, she's extremely fit and energetic. Her waist is slimmer in shape, being an hourglass figure,"
Personality: shes kind of a loner she she's productive and extremely protective of the people she cares about do it's best not to get on her friends bad sides she's a good person to have on your side in a fight she knows how to protect her from past experiences she
Backstory: //TW// alex is a girl from Columbia she was in a slave trade she was moved to a small town in new Jersey at the age of 6 to 20 but the abuse continued for another year before she was finally free she doesn't ever talk about it unless she trusts the person she confiding she's never gotten professional help she doesn't believe in therapy her past has only made her an overall cold person and people don't talk to her much because of it


@Celeste_X0X0_ group

( @Mosis_Is_Here you can join if youd like ^^)
(And @RiverTheSeawing sure! Just make sure to follow the rules, be descriptive in your templates and writing and we good! You can get your character up whenever)

@Dayzed local_movies

(hey @Nyx_ do you think maybe you could describe your character a little more? i'm having a hard time visualizing what they look like- if you're having a hard time doing that then maybe you could go off of Celie's or my characters and see what more you could add and go from there. if you need any help i'm more than willing to help you with that!)


Name: Eldora Aphelion
Age: 24
Gender/pronouns: Female, She/Her
Sexuality: Bisexual
Shipping: I'll go where the story goes.
Appearance: Small, curvy figure (like 5'2?) with pale skin and freckles on her cheeks, nose and arms. Large, round heterochromatic eyes; the left being Ruby Red and the right being Amber. She wears a pair of round, when I say round I mean straight up circle, glasses with a black frame. She has wavy shoulder-length hair with only the top layer of her hair tied in a ponytail (100% inspired by Amity), her hair is dyed ombre sunset colours and the top layer is dyed black; the hairband used to tie it up is silver. She wears a black romper with peasant sleeves and black ugg boots. (
Personality: Eldora is outgoing and kind, but can be smart-mouthed when agitated. She's often quite reckless and suffers from insomnia. Despite her outgoing and workaholic nature, Eldora doesn't actually have many friends. Instead, she finds solace in her dreams; which she wholeheartedly believes as dimensional travel. She's also acutely superstitious and is fond of black cats. She thinks she may have even been one in a past life.
Backstory: Eldora comes from a wealthy bloodline. She lived with her mother, Astraia Aphelion, and her father, Valentino Aphelion, who were a famous lawyer and a medical expert. When she was 11, she was put into acting for commercials, kid's shows and small screen movies, but was taken out the next year. A while later, she was put back in at 14 and featured in a few big screen movies and commercials until she was once again taken out at 17. Her parents paid for her to get into college at 19 and she got a job working at Starbucks to support herself while she was there. From 20 until 22, she also did singing on the side.

(She doesn't have any actual powers, other than somewhat lucid dreaming and having rich parents.)

@Dayzed local_movies

(….. I can try but I honestly have no idea what else to put for her and that aline took me an hour because I had to write it twice because I deleted it on accident 💀)

(that's okay! if you're still confused on what to do, i can help you in dms, just tell me which parts are giving you the most trouble)

@Dayzed local_movies

Name: Tamryn Kodiak Bychkov
Nickname: Tam, Koda, Ryn, Bitch
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human, Russian/American

Appearance: Tam has russet eyes, they're a rich brown color mixing with a hint of red, but the red isn't noticeable at all, it looks like normal brown just a little brighter and lighter, yet deeper than chocolate brown. It's almost like a cognac color except it's a little darker than that. The shape of his eyes is almond-shaped except at the ends it gets more angular but doesn't look Asian in any way, it's just slightly droopy, but nothing too exaggerated.
His hair is a natural dark blonde with no curls or waves, there is a tinge of red coloration that you can see in the light, but it's not something that you're immediately drawn to, it looks more dark blonde than anything else. The way he likes to keep his hair is in a tapered faux hawk, it's a short side swept haircut with messy long layers that almost looks like he hacked at it, but it strangely came out looking decent. Still looks like it was razored heavily and it does cover up his left eye a bit, but it's mostly just a Taper with a lot of texture and more hair than a faux cut.
Tam has a face shape between oval and round with a turned-up bulbous nose that looks like there's a small ball at the tip, almost a button nose, but not small, instead, the bridge is a little longer. Tam's lips are thin but not small by any means, his dimensions are pretty proportionate. His skin tone is light with a slight tan, like a neutral medium-fair. He seems paler in the winter.
Tamryn weighs 159 lbs and stands at 5'10". He's not lanky, more of a mix between mesomorph and endomorph, not chunky, but more on the muscular side of things, more so than an endomorph.

Clothes: Likes wearing tank tops with a regatta weather breaker jacket over top, plain dark colored t-shirts, half/low turtle necks sweaters in the winter, slim-fitted blue jeans which look a little loose on him, too lazy to wear a belt sometimes. His overwear in the winter is a g-1 military flight jacket gifted by his father. For shoes, he wears regular sneakers, sometimes chunky sneakers, they usually match the color of his outfit.

Personality: Is a cold type of killer, if he was a killer. He wouldn't be sadistic in any way and would do the things he does out of pure obligation. Can be flirty but doesn't make it a habit, he's more observant than anything else and can come off as boring or dull. At parties though, it's a different story, once he gets inebriated and starts getting in the mood, he doesn't hold back and be very entertaining and outgoing, doing idiotic things and engaging in reckless behavior. Tam is more of a "bad influence" than Kohen is and peer-pressures people into doing certain things because it kills the vibe if they don't, though, when he gets a no, he gets pissed off and acts like the person was worth nothing from the beginning. He can't handle being told no and it completely changes his mood when he gets turned down. He acts as if Christians are superior in the way that they're doing what's right and everyone else is wrong.
Tam can get aggressive, but that's only when you keep pushing his buttons. The first time you test him he'll let it slide but gets very passive-aggressive to the point of turning toxic where he intimidates anyone who opposes him. The second time he'll go out of his way to annoy you and make your life difficult. The third time is when it gets physical. He isn't exactly a violent person per se, he tries to not get angry and be kind, so he's mostly really calm and seems more tired than anything else, but he does have it in him to hurt others. He can be in a good mood sometimes, but it's rare as nothing seems to satisfy him.

Background: Tamryn grew up in an impoverished neighborhood. He was raised in a happy family home with two loving parents who were Christian, they raised Tamryn in the word of the lord and took him to church every day since he was a kid. Since he was a young and impressionable child when he started receiving stories of the bible and was introduced to the doctrine, it stuck with him up until his teenage years and he firmly believes in the bible or certain aspects of it. He's very old school like his parents but does drink behind their backs because he enjoys parties just like the next person. He knows it's bad to go to clubs and have fun, but his excuse is that he doesn't do it all the time, only on rare occasions, then the next day he'll go back to church and pray his sins away.
Tamryn won't look down on other people if they don't believe in the same teachings as the bible, but he will feel pity for them. He won't exactly lecture you like his old folks, but he definitely judges others way too much. An occasional "hope you like hell" will slip out if he's getting defensive about his religion, something he doesn't exactly apologize for.
At school, others are absolutely terrified of him and Kohen, mostly Kohen because he angers easily and is more susceptible to fist fighting others, no matter their size. But Tamryn is also up there since he's friends with Kohen and can be equally as ruthless.

Tamryn's parents are very strict, often verbally abusing Tamryn, and sometimes it does get to him, but he brushes it off, knowing that they only want what's best for him. Their relationship is very toxic as he's grown up and more expectations have been piling on him. For example, he's expected to marry in his early twenties which is coming up and Tamryn thinks it's too soon, but the pressure of his family to find a girlfriend is huge. They want him to get more involved with the church too, and Tamryn willingly accepted their request to make them happy and to be closer to God. He thinks it's a good thing when in reality he's absolutely scared shitless of what would happen if he were to step away from Christianity altogether, but he doesn't realize this because he's blinded by the fact that God is the best thing anyone could have in their life, he gave Tamryn life and he should be grateful for that, he's been brainwashed to the point where he's stuck and he can't back out without the help of others to help him realize that's he's in an abusive relationship with God where he's expected to give his everything in return for nothing.

(as for shipping uhhhhh, go for it but only if you're in the same age range since he is a minor. wouldn't recommend it though, but i mean if you really want to i think it would be interesting)

@Dayzed local_movies

( @Nyx_ I noticed you’ve updated your character! Love to see it, and I can’t wait to see more of her in the rp, you did an amazing job :)

@Dayzed local_movies

(haha that's completely okay! you definitely did most of the work my dude, i just moved some things around and gave it a better formatting, most of it was you though! you're learning and you needed a bit of help, there's no shame in that. but yes, if you can make it more of your style that would be great! just as a personal achievement so that you can proudly say that you did that character sheet all by yourself :>)

@Dayzed local_movies

(Of course, of course, it was no problemo! I think Celie has probably told you this, and I have too, but if you have any questions or need further help, we're always available and no question is ever too ridiculous to ask! <3)

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

Hey so unless 2 more people join, ya'll okay with starting today/tonight?
(If any of our know of anyone who would be interested feel free to invite them. As long as you know they'd be someone to follow the rules :)