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The government took control, taking in any child that was born and raising them to be killing machines. Few of those have managed to run away, have a refuge. A fort that is above a subway train station, with only one door, one door that is always guarded. The leader, someone who has been there the longest, has made a bunch of rules, the number one, the one no one can break, NEVER GO OUTSIDE, no one has ever tried to break it, until one day, one day someone does, they had been planning it for months, after all, they had only been in this hell for a few months.

The fort layout : the main door is a big garage style door that is locked and guarded at all times, the only people allowed out are the scouts. There are two rooms with beds, one for males, one for females, each has a bunch of bunk beds. The leader has his own room, that has a large bed, desk and no one else is allowed in without asking. There are lots of halls that lead to nowhere, dead ends, it is sort of like a maze. The door outside is hard to find, and only scouts are put to guard the door.

EDIT : Can have supernatural/genetically modified if you want (NOT EVERYONE CAN BE) and the gov refers to people as their NUMBER which is like tattooed on their forearm. (like where the jumanji lives are)

-Scout : goes outside to find supplies, keep the government away, and find other runaways.
-Government person : Someone born and raised with the government that has not run away.
-Refugee : Someone who lives in the Refuge.
-Leader : the person in charge.
-Medic : Someone who was taught medical things that works for the Refuge, the government would just let their people die.
The government tries to find the Refugees, they have been trying since it started and eventually started putting trackers in there people so that no one would run away, this of course brought attention to the fact that the scouts were not finding any new people. Anyone from the government does not have a name, only a number. The Refuges give the person a name based on the letter they correspond with the number.
(I will give you a number for each name don't worry about trying to figure it out)

Refuge Rules

  1. Never go outside.
  2. Never fight amongst each other.
  3. Do not attempt to get out of the punishment.
  4. Do not argue with the leader.
  5. Only scouts get weapons.
  6. Do not go where not permitted.
  7. Do not tell others about the outside world.
  8. Do not tell others about the government.
  9. Do not tell others about where you are from.
  10. Do not steal from others.
  11. Do not lie to your leader.
  12. Do not go near the Door.

If you break the rules, unless it’s rule 1, 5, or 12. You will get 3 warnings, for 5/12 you get 2. For 1, you get one.

  1. First warning - chores
  2. Second warning - isolation
  3. Final warning - has to hang (by their hands) from the hole that leads to the subway for a set amount of time.
  4. Death

Gov Rules

  1. Do not disobey orders.
  2. Curfew is to be followed.
  3. Report to your post when told.
  4. Do not question your leaders.
  5. Do not talk to anyone outside of your branch.
  6. Do not associate with wanted individuals. (Refugees)
  7. Only those with a pass may enter locked rooms.
  8. Do not speak unless told to.
  9. Do not leave a room without being told to.
  10. Never speak to the leader (2481).
  11. No talking to others.
  12. Do not run away. Anyone who does will be shot on sight.


  1. Extra work
  2. Death.

Number: (TBD)
Looks: (picture or description)

My Characters (everyone can have up to 3) -
Name/number: Sean
Number: 5349
Role: Refuge/government
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Looks: Black hair that falls in his face, green eyes. 5’5. Average build.
Likes: Freedom, joking around.
Dislikes: enclosed spaces, being bossed around.
Hobbies: Causing people problems.
Skills: He is skilled in combat, both hand and gun.
Backstory: He grew up in the government, and had a few ‘friends’, he was a scout for the government, sent to find the refuges, he would have joined them sooner if not for the tracker. Many times he found refugees, but he told them that he was not going to tell anyone, and let them knock him out. One day they told him that they were done with it, and he was coming with them, he told them about the tracker and they knocked him out, when he came to, he had a bandage on his arm where the tracker was, and was in a strange small room. He later found out that a medic had removed the tracker and he was with in the Refuge.

Name: Mariana
Number: 2481
Role: A leader of the Gov
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Sexuality: N/A (demi)
Looks: Brown hair that is always pulled back, glasses, 5'5". Wears a lab coat and suit. Looks very similar to her brother.
Likes: Rules, structure.
Dislikes: Refuges, Her brother.
Hobbies: none
Backstory: Grew up with her family, leaders, when her brother ran away, she was put as next in line, sense then runs the section closest to where they assume the refuge is.

Name/Number: - Markus (Mark) {everyone calls him "Leader"}
Number: 2487
Role: Leader
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Looks: Brown hair and brown eyes, 6’1, muscular build.
Likes: rules
Dislikes: rule breakers
Hobbies: none
Backstory: He was the first to run away, found the Refuge and ever since has been in charge.

@kinokokingdom (DELETED USER)
Name: Fawn
number: 7439
Role: Refugee
Age: 13
Gender: Female, she/her
Sexuality: Asexual
Looks: She has pale skin with light freckles all over her body. She has straight dirty blonde hair and sharp features. She has a small, thin physique, being quite weak. She's pretty graceful and fast though. Around 5'2.
Likes: Animals, talking to people, daydreaming
Dislikes: Getting in trouble, loud noises
Hobbies: Drawing, dancing
Backstory: Fawn was separated from her parents before being taken into the refuge. They had told her to hide somewhere to stay safe and that they would look for her once everything settled down, but that never happened. She was eventually found by the refuge, and she agreed to go, figuring that the chances of her finding her parents again was unlikely.

Name/Number: Kiriysin
Number: 8121
Role: government
Age: 17
Gender: male
Sexuality: he doesn't care
Looks: (picture or description)
Likes: not much, stray animals, getting stronger.
Dislikes: this whole situation he's in, the government, the refuge.
Hobbies: reading, training.
Backstory: he was taken when he was young of course like most of the rest but he's been there a good while, when he was younger he desperately tried to escape, to join the refuges. he was getting chased down by someone hot on his tail and he ran into some of the refuges and he begged them to take him in to help them. they left him on the spot as soon as they saw someone tailing him and he was taken back and punished for trying to run away.

Name: Parker lanely
Number: 9428
Role: refuge, (guards)
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Likes: animals, eating, keeping people safe
Dislikes: the goverment, rotten food, ungrateful people.
Hobbies: she likes cooking, and training.
Backstory: her and her twin brother managed to run away from the goverment when they were little, and the refuges spotted them hiding and brought them into hiding with them. They grew up in the refuge.

Name: azzy Lanely
Number: 4007
Role: refuge (scout)
Gender: male
Sexuality: undecided
Likes: his twin, helping around the area, scouting.
Dislikes: blood, the goverment, having to do things others are perfectly capable of doing instead.
Hobbies: He likes to read when he can, hang out with his sister.
Backstory:him and his twin sister managed to run away from the goverment when they were little, and the refuges spotted them hiding and brought them into hiding with them. They grew up in the refuge.

Name: ???
Number: 3110
Role: Government(Scout)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Looks: 3110 stands around 6'0, but often seems taller than he is. Dark reddish, hair that's surprisingly soft and and sticks out on the ends. Hawk-like, ice blue eyes. A sharp jawline and straight shoulders.
Likes: Order, being in control of situations, hiding secrets.
Dislikes: Being open, questioning his own decisions
Hobbies: Studying, reading what materials he can get his hands on.
Backstory: 3110 was born in the Government. Growing up, he was, of course, indoctrinated in all the ways a government can. As he grew he wanted to do more, to study and maybe find new paths. Hes extremely loyal to his cause, but has a few questionable ways about how he does it. He is highly ambitious and is trying his best to rise any ranks he can, so he's determined to find refugees. He's stubborn, mysterious, and ruthless.

Name: Delilah Parkers
Number: 0318
Role: Scout (government)
Age: 22
Gender: female
Sexuality: pansexual
Looks: She has olive toned skin and sharp, bird likes features, with shoulder length thick curly dark hair. She is thin and tall, standing at 5'11
Likes: Clouds, freedom and poetry
Dislikes: dictatorship and the color red
Hobbies: writing poetry and drawing
Backstory: Delilah has also grown up with her life controlled by the government.
She was once a true believer of following rules but she secretly wishes the world were different.

Name/Number: Arlo
Number: 8310
Role: Refugee
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual biromantic
Looks: Honey blonde wavy hair that's usually just a mess, he'll pull some of his hair back into a ponytail sometimes. Pinkish skin tone with lots of freckles, amber coloured eyes, soft features, 5'5", naturally has a pretty small frame
Likes: Plants, drawing/sketching, wandering around, people, yellow
Dislikes: Animals (scared of most of them), leading, reading, overly bright lights
Hobbies: Learning about plants, art, exploring the halls, goofing around, imagining random things
Backstory: He grew up hiding from the government on his own for the most part after his dad got captured, He would hide during the day and do what he had to to survive at night since he was less likely to be spotted then, he lived like this for a while before he was picked up by the refuge.

Name: Jules

Role: Medic

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi

Looks: Stands at 5’8 and skin tone is beige. He has a heart-shaped face and round eyes. His eyes are slate blue with gold and blue specks. His nose is dainty. His hair is tousled with short bangs and ear length; short in the back. The color of his hair is silver from a mutation in his genes.​​His build is elfin. He has delicate hands. He wears a red vest with a pink button-up. He wears light wash jeans and leather boots. On his right ear, he has three ring piercings along the helix. One has a moon on it. He tends to wear a lab coat. He looks pretty young.(Drawing:

Likes: Playing the guitar, helping people, jewelry, being a mentor, flowers with the color spring yellow, birds, and tea.

Dislikes: Death (Mainly standing still while someone is dying), breaking rules, traitors.

Hobbies: Reading, organizing his medical supplies, spending time with people

Backstory: Jules lost his mom and siblings when he was young. His dad was the only surviving member of his family, but his father knew the only way to save his only surviving child was to hand him over to the refugees (Against Jules' will). Jules never saw his dad again, but many who helped him could see he had medical prowess and engineered healing abilities (Although the experiment was unfinished, and they only work really well on small cuts to large gashes. It also fries his energy levels, so he prefers normal modern medicine).

Small little personality section (Hope you don’t mind): He’s a fair gentleman with an honest code. He could never tell a lie. He is quick to trust and forgive. He’s loyal and would never break any rules (After that one time). Soft spoken.

Name/Number: Vienna
Number: 7139
Role: Medic
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: pan
Looks: Vienna stands on the taller side for a female, standing at 5’9”
She has a thicker build with a good bit of chub on her. (heres a picture ref for her body type bc i suck at describing body types with girls )
She has pale skin with almost no freckles or moles decorating her body. The only thing decorative about it is a rather big black tattoo of icarus falling on her thigh.
She has long black hair falling down to just below her chest. She mostly keeps it in a middle part or in a ponytail when shes working. Vi has viridian green eyes and full, thick eyebrows and lashes. She has full lips with a great smile. (i think that's all???)
Likes: dogs, guns, cars, helping people, angels, (she’s not religious or anything tho) and greek mythology and painting.
Dislikes: not many things. Gas prices, those overwhelmingly big stuffed animals, painting.
Hobbies: painting, teaching self defense when she can and running.
Backstory: She lived with her mother when she was younger, her mom being a nurse (which is where she learned what she knows now about medicine and that sorts of stuff) but when her mother was taken by an illness not even the doctors knew, she was taken in to work for the government. But after a while of working for them, she decided she didnt like how they ran things. So she came up with a plan to go out scouting and to just never come back without a word. So she removed her tracker thing and sought refuge with well..the refugees.
Personality: Shes kind and not on the quiet side. Shes sassy, outgoing and easy to get along with. Vienna is a hopeless romantic and has too high of standards for people. So even if they're her friend, she never expects anything out of them because she assumes you're going to disappoint her standards.

Name: Zanna
Number: 0499
Role: Runaway
Age: 21
Gender: Demi-girl (She/they)
Sexuality: Pan
Looks: Short cropped black hair, light brown skin, freckles splattered everywhere, typically covers the lower half of her face with either some type of mask or bandana, hard blue-indigo eyes, and their right leg and left arm are both metal prosthetics (initially given to her by the government, but they modified the prostethics so that they A. didn't have trackers and B. looked much cooler.)
Likes: Freedom, Independence, Cats, Metalwork
Dislikes: Containment, Trusting people (:
Hobbies: Tinkering with metal, Creating mechanisms, Existing
Backstory: Zanna remembers a little bit about her time before the government, mainly that their parents were mechanics hence why she is drawn to metalworking. Her parents sent them to the government with promises that she'll have a better life there. Most of their time with the government was spent isolated being used as the primary development tool for regenative properties so they could save money all medics. She can recover for almost any serious wound, but they can't regrow limbs (obviously). Currently presumed dead by the government as when she ran at the age 16 they took about 5 bullets to the chest (Those bullets may or may not still be in her). They aren't exactly aware about the Refuge as she just kinda vibes in an abondened scrapyard going out to explore every once in a while.

Name: Chet Evans
Number: Never assigned one by the Government
Role: Outsider
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Ace
Looks: Chet is roughly 6'/1.8m tall, and weighs around 170lbs/77kgs. He's got a dusky complexion, made even darker by all his time in the sun, but with sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes. He keeps his hair cut short, and its straight, so it stays neat pretty easily. He's not skinny, but wiry, with no bulk but a decent amount of lean muscle. He prefers the tan/brown/orange spectrum of colors, particularly since he's been a constant fugitive for years and is used to camouflaging in the deserts.
Likes: His space, quiet moments, hoodies (hoodies forever), music, and kids.
Dislikes: Restrictions, the cold, wide open areas with no cover at all, and not being aware of everything in a situation.
Hobbies: Chet has been forced to get good at survival skills. He also designs and uses homemade weaponry in his personal resistance against the government.
Backstory: Chet is old enough to have grown up partially before the Government took over. His parents resisted the initial takeover and were killed, and Chet has been on his own ever since. He briefly stayed at the Refuge for a while, in the early days, before leaving. The Rules that were being put in place made him nervous, and he preferred his freedom. He's been surviving on the streets and in the wilds ever since, occasionally directing people towards the Refuge if he thinks they'd be a good fit. He also leaves gifts for the Refuge, as well as passing info to them from time to time.

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the number one, the one no one can break, NEVER GO OUTSIDE,

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