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So this is going to take place in season 9 and below, as ive only just entered the 10th season of Supernatural. So…yeah

WARNING!!! before you read anything more!! If you haven’t at least watched up to season 9, then dont read this or join unless you want spoilers!!!
Anyway, i think it’d be fun for this to take place when the angels fell from heaven and the gates were closed and Metatrons trying to rebuild his army of angels and heaven before he gets defeated.
And the demons are still ruled by the kind of Hell (I’m not bringing Abadon into this. I hated her)
And theyre gathering souls “the illegal way” lol
The angels are trying to stop them from doing that along with the hunters.
No, we wont be using the actual characters, we’ll be using our own characters!
The angels, they can be angels from the Bible n stuff. What i mean by this is nobody’s going to be playing Sam, Dean, Crowley etc. thank you

Character slots.
Demon A
Demon B
Angel 1 (Me)
Angel 2
Hunter male
Hunter female
I will be taking one of the angel slots, sorry I already have a character that I’d like to use for this.


Ask before joining please
If I haven’t seen you around ill want a sample of your writing please. (With the samples. Don’t take something from like one of your best pieces or something really old. Don’t try to impress me. I just want to see how you write regularly in a roleplay. Chill XD)
I can say no if i want but i prolly wont.
Don’t be jerks please. If you are, i have the right to kick you, so just be nice.
Characters can be jerks to other characters, i dont care about that. If anything its welcomed. Because character development!!
Please no super short replies. Give me something to work with and we’re good. I dont want novels though when it’s unnecessary. I get short replies if nothing much is going on. Thats fine. Just at least two lines thanks
Good grammar and spelling please
Please be relatively active if you join. At least like 1 post a day, more is very welcomed.
please for the love of everything good and lovely dont make your characters OP ugh

Here’s the template <3

Appearence: (links are very welcomed but if not, be descriptive)
Family: (for hunters only. Demons and Angels dont have family other than the other demons and angels)
Backstory: (for hunters)

Here’s my boiyo

Name: Gabriel
Gender: male technically

Here’s a Pinterest board i made for him uwu
He stands decently tall at 6 foot exactly, his wings about three times his arm span, dusty black feathers only visible to other supernatural beings or if they choose for certain humans (the hunters) to see them. (No, this isn’t in the tv show, but i wanted to add it. Sue me)
Dark chocolate skin, muscular and always in formal clothes,( as all angels are) and well kept hair. Yellowish green eyes that light up at the sight of another angel or if they are healing someone.
Rather big, rough looking hands, but soft as silk. They have a warm welcoming, peaceful aura about them that compels others to them. Nice plump lips and only about an inch of frizzy hair. Nice, well kept eyebrows to no surprise, along with his dark as hell eyelashes.

The serious, strong silent type, not getting much humor,( the mor angels are around humans, the more they will get humor) hes very logical and he doesn’t like doing things out of emotions. Near the begginning of meeting humans anyway. Hes very confused a lot of times, and sometimes its cute if he didnt look like he would murder you.
Once Angels are around humans and demons more, or anything else other than angels, theyve developed more of a personality. Hes cocky and strong willed and maybe a little flirty every now and again. Gabriel doesn’t get distracted easily and wont let much get in his way when needing to get something done. He doesn’t get the concept of romance and love, but is trying to understand it.
Hes quick to think of what to say and is very independent. Unlike many other angels, hes been on earth a bit longer and he doesn’t take well to be ordered around.
Treat him like a bug and he’ll squish you like one.

Likes: flowers, fairies, anything really tiny actually, whenever he sees white angel wings (he thinks theyre gorgeous), dolphins and cacti

Dislikes: freaking vampires man, he hates them. Scared of dogs but not puppies, and hates long awkward hugs. Demons, liars/deceivers, succulents. Hes weirded out by them. Hates following orders and being bossed around. He has a pride issue ngl

Anyway, please join. I’d love for this to be a thing!!

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Baz was walking down the street. A smirk on his face. He enjoyed the human world. Well, better than Hell, that is. No sounds of dying souls, not other demons getting him mad. It was much better than Hell in Baz's eyes. He was enjoying the sun, sky, and clouds. This was rare for a demon like Baz. Barly ever happy, barely ever smiles.

Well, Baz wanted to enjoy this feeling while it lasted. He was heading to the park to sit on a bench and think to himself. Baz suddenly stoped. He had forgotten the book that he had to give to his "sister". Baz turned around and started to walk a little bit faster than he usually walked. He wasn't paying attention so he slipped on a rock, and tumbled into another person.