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This is a picture that is shown on page 4 of this Rp. You are welcome to use this picture too.

This picture popped up when I was browsing through Pinterest. I thought it would be an awesome rp idea, anyone up for it?

We could also use a couple villain type characters, maybe like the evil version of sweet Cinderella, or the maniacal mastermind of bookish Belle. You can use villains as good like a powerful sorceress Ursula or forest Nymph Cruella De Vil

Obviously this isn't the characters themselves, you can change them up, giving them new names, new identities as long as it is clear who you based it off of
The gist of the Rp is that they are aliens from spaceships and have gotten a mission to find the Pied Piper


  • Joining
    I can choose to let you join or not. This depends on whether I have role played with you before, if I like your attitude, and if I like the way you Rp. If I say no, please respect my decision and leave peacefully.
  • Closed In The Title?
    If you are wanting to join but the Title alerts you that it is closed, ask and it may be possible to input you in some way or form. Dont hesitate to say something!
  • Characters
    The limit I have on characters is 3, anymore than that means more confusion and annoyance for the rest of people. If you have a good reason as to why you want more than 3, you will be allowed. After I allow you into the Rp, I would like characters to be up before we begin. I understand that life is a thing so I will not be pushy about it unless I see you active on other Rps but not this one
  • Shipping
    I am hella fine with shipping! As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am a-ok with non-straight relationships. Both people, or more if that is the case lol, need to be ok with this. If one person changes their mind about the ship, that is fine. This isn't a legally binding contract so "break ups" are ok
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Fairytale character:
Position on ship:

Luna Dawn Elizabeth (Sleeping Beauty) "Hero"

Second in command
Peter Pan (Peter Pan/Neverland) "Hero"

Alice Liddell (Alice in Wonderland) "Hero"

Weapons Master
Jun Fa (Mulan) "Hero"

Navigator/Ship's Weapons Master
Ravenna Iris Aurora (The Little Mermaid) Villain

CNDR-06 aka Ella Louise Hendrix (Cinderella) "Villain"


Name: Luna Dawn Elizabeth

Nicknames: Dawn, Dee, Loony

Age: 23

Gender: female

Appearance: Luna Dawn has short ash blonde hair that is longer in front and shaved at the sides (think Cpt. Marvel in avengers: endgame). She has dark blue eyes, long eyelashes, pale skin tone, and piercings in her nose, ears, and eyebrow. Luna loves to wear bracelets and has a silver ring on her right ring finger, she is seen with a leather tool belt around her hip which hold some basic poison and medicine making supplies as well as a small dagger, smalls vials of poisons, and some empty vials. She wears the belt on top of her green shirt and brown fitted pants. Luna carries a Solar compass with her to help navigate the vast galaxies.

Personality: Luna may be compared to sleeping beauty, but only because she falls asleep at the wrong times (once she fell asleep an hour before meeting an important leader). She is a kind person but is not soft spoken. Luna speaks her mind and isn't afraid to shut down arguments on her ship. She chose her crew carefully and isn't about to let them break apart over silly arguments

Sexuality: Bisexual with a preference for females

Fairytale character: Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

Backstory: I'll add it in a while

Skills: knows how to create poisons and medicines, good at weaving, can sleep on any surface, awesome at finding secret comfy spots

Power/s?: Luna has Empath abilities. She is able to influence emotions by touching a person or whispering in their ear. Luna can also knockout a person but she rarely uses her powers to do so, instead relying on her poisons

Position on ship: Captain of the WolfStar

Likes: Reading science books, weaving things, swimming, researching plants

Dislikes: excessive noise, writing, cooking for large groups, spiders

Hobbies: she enjoys creating new concoctions and has a small business selling her one-of-a-kind creations. Drawing, and playing the violin

Pets: Luna has a fondness for snakes and her pet snake, Rattle, is found wrapped around her seat in the Captain's cabin, or around her bow.


Name: Ravenna Iris Aurora

Nicknames: Raven, Iyr (pronounced like air with a 'y' sound), Rory

Age: 2917 but looks to be 24

Gender: female

Appearance: Ravenna has medium length dark red hair with black at the roots. This is her natural hair colour but she hates the black. She has a blue skin tone but its a lighter shade of blue. Ravenna has two forms, her Myren form and her humanoid form. Her Myren form gives her a flowy red and black tail with shiny scales, she is about 5'5. She has fins for ears in both forms and short claws on her hands. Ravenna in Myren form has longer and more narrow eyes that are mostly black with a white iris. In her humanoid form, Ravenna has two legs with scales on them, fins on her arms, her hair becomes a bit shorter and she is taller, about 5'8. She has grey eyes and her skin tone stays the same colour, just changes a little darker.

Personality: Ravenna can be nice to people but she normally likes to have fun, sometimes at the expense of others. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and will not hesitate to punch you if you make a rude comment. Ravenna may not have much of a filter, but she does have a way with words, might be because she is technically a siren.

Sexuality: Biromantic Demisexual

Fairytale character: Ariel, the little mermaid

Backstory: Ravenna is from below the sea. Her home planet, Xrixe (zayrzee), is mainly water with two native intelligent species. The Myren, a half humanoid half fish/aquatic creature. They've under the sea but are able to breath air, the way dolphins do. The other species is known as the Asudae, they are best described as the rulers of the night. With very feline attributes and the ability to do magic, this species of tricksters are very similar to that of the Terran legends of leprechauns. Ravenna had only just received her onyx stone and she changed forms for the first time. While she was above the sea, she met an Asudae. Unbeknownst to her, this was the son of the 4th largest Asudae clan. They fell in love and planned to run away on the next ship that came to their planet. The leaders of both Myren and Asudae found out and forced them to stay however Ravenna's lover managed to break the laws and escaped. He asked her to come along but she wasn't sure. He cursed at her and left her to go alone, having never ventured farther than his home grounds. He was found dead two days later, having been attacked by one of the carnivorous creatures on the planet. Ravenna couldn't live with the guilt, she knew she could have prevented his death had she gone with him, but she didn't. One day she packed her bags and left on board a ship to go find work on another planet.

Skills: Ravenna can smell fake and real gems, especially sea gems. She can cook you different seafood in many different flavours and is awesome and tying hair. She is a great navigator and is perfecting her skills in sword-fighting.

Power/s?: Ravenna has the singing voice of a siren, it makes people forget and want to listen to it forever. She has used this power to get what she wants before and isn't afraid to do it again. Ravenna is also skilled with languages, she can speak many different languages. She us able to shift from "mermaid" to "human" and can breath air and water, water as Myren and air as "human"

Likes: singing, high places, mountains, colourful things, swords

Dislikes: hooks, fishing nets, cats, darkness

Hobbies: practising singing, buying things on the galactic webstore, visiting different planets, hunting for treasure

Pets: with her whole badass appearance, one would think Ravenna has a terrifying pet but no. Her pet, and best friend, is a small octopus that lives in a magicked water bubble named Arty. He has a high pitched voice and is adorable.

Other: she is a pirate

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(yay! Thank you. I’ll be reusing my Alice from the original RP. Though I might make some changes later…)

Name: Alice Liddell
Nicknames: Alice the Heartless, Allie (but only to close friends.)
Age: 23
Gender: female
Appearance: medium length blonde hair held back by a dark blue headband, about 4’7”, dark blue eyes, pale almost porcelain skin, a red gauntlet that covers her whole arm from her shoulder down. Normally, she prefers simple pale blue dress with a brown satchel belt and a pair of black boots, (she hates high heels) but she does know how to wear something more formal when necessary.
Personality: She does have a wild, or mad, side but she knows how to temper it, most of the time. During her time in Wonderland she became a fierce fighter, and a bit of a cold shoulder, which can come of as rude or blunt, to keep too many people from getting too close to her. She is very inquisitive, especially when bored, and has a hard time holding her tongue but she's quick to apologize when she realizes she's in the wrong.
Sexuality: ??? She's always been to bust it make any discoveries on that.
Fairytale character: Alice in Wonderland
Backstory: As a child, Wonderland was an escape from her controlling aristocratic family but as time went by Wonderland started changing into something darker. One time the Queen of Hearts very nearly beheaded Alice, but in an act of self-defense, she managed to kill the Queen. She was able to get away to the Hatter’s house by stealing a suit of armor from one of the Queen’s soldiers (the gauntlet is the only piece that survived). Because of her actions the Knave of Hearts declared Alice be known as Heartless and has offered a hefty reward for her head.
Skills: sword fighting, survival, she's also an amateur chemist/alchemist (something she picked up from Hatter).
Power/s?: size-shifting (though it's tiring to use too often or frequently.)
Likes: cats, riddles, tea, adventure
Dislikes: smoking, The Knave of Hearts, rudeness,
Hobbies: fighting, chemistry, and a little curiosity about mechanics.
Pets: her cat Dinah back home.
Other: Still has some contacts from Wonderland but usually saves them as a last resort.

(There. I've updated some things and improved some of the lore… I think.)

Name: Alba Blanc
Age: 140
Gender: female
Appearance: Alba is practically the walking definition of perfect beauty among her people with flawless pale moonlit skin, long pitch-black hair that is almost always styled in an elegant updo, brown eyes that turn red in a certain light, blood-red lips and sharp white fangs. She has a lithe but well-defined figure and is stronger than she looks. She often wears a long flowing elegant black shirt with black skinny pants and high heeled boots as well as occasionally a long black cloak/cape with full-length sleeves.
Personality: Alba is a bit of a quiet person but efficient. She's careful about who she lets get close to her after what happened with her stepmother but she does have a few friends especially on the ship. When she makes friends she's able to relax a bit more. She also is very careful regarding her thirst for blood even though eating normal food is possible for her does help for short periods. Alba does have a sense of humor, a little on the darker side at times, as well as a caring side.
Sexuality: panromantic
Fairytale character: Snow White
Backstory: Her mother died giving birth to her and her father remarried while she was still young. Her homeworld, Cymopoleia, has two kingdoms that have almost always been at war. Her father took a risk made his second marriage to a high-ranking woman from the second kingdom… Obviously, it didn't work out when the fangless witch (no actual magic, just an appropriate term) stabbed Alba’s father through the heart with a wooden stake and did everything possible to keep the young girl from drinking the blood she needed. Though she put up a good fight and managed to get away. … More to be written later.
Skills: seduction, manipulation,
Power/s?: flight or hovering for short distances, minor illusions, and shadow manipulation,
Position on ship: medic though her bedside manner can be a strange combination of strict and gentle.
Likes: staying organized, the number 7, small animals (her homeworld is full of animals that look cute and harmless but are actually pretty dangerous), flowers… Especially red roses and black orchids,
Dislikes: messes, swearing,
Hobbies: sewing, cooking, hunting,
Pets: a bat/raven/crow hybrid type creature that’s native to her world called Prism.


(I'm not sure if anyone else would want to join, would you be interested in turning this into a OxO? I can get rid of Luna and just have Ravenna but it would be a part of a larger team)


( @Mosis_Is_Not_Here I feel like I've Rped with you before but im not sure. Think you can give a small sample?)
( @Becfromthedead you're always welcome in my Rps!)
(This is a pretty chill rp and it doesn't have much of a plot but we'll see as we go on)

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(May I join as Rapunzel? Ever since watching Tangled: The Series I’ve only thought about Her™️ lol. Of course you can refuse me, I’ve never roleplayed with you before and I’ve never met you to my knowledge but this sounds like fun!)

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(Before you join, would you mind giving me a small sample? This is just so I know what kind of Rper you are and how you would fit in with the rest of us)


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(An example pulled from my Discord server because I have no life outside of my friends. TW for a lot of swearing, I promise I don't actually swear this much in most roleplays. Also for implied suicidal ideation at the end.)

"No. No, wait. Actually, you know what? Fuck this, fuck you for assuming I'd even agree to this bullshit. And to think I'd trusted you with my life just minutes ago? I'm done. You're dead to me now." she said, storming away and slamming the door in Holmes's face. Lavenza ran, ran fast away, breath coming in shallow gasps and pants as she wasn't very good at running. Her hair clung to her face in the pouring rain, and she couldn't tell the difference between the downpour and her own tears. It was when she felt a massive hand on her shoulder that she stopped, starling, looking up in fear, anticipation and horror at the fiend she despised all too well. "Fine, kill me now." she told it, "It isn't as if I have anything left."

(This is from a fandom piece, it was a fun RP but sadly it died like a week ago due to my friend not having the energy for three RPs with me so this is the best of the few responses we have. Might reboot it on here, who knows? Anyways, here's my sample.)

@JustALostM book

“The authorities have found another glitch roaming the city.” The T.V was on the news channel and woke Talas. “Ugh.” He grumbled. “Damn city doesn’t know how to be nice..” Talas reached for the remote to turn off the T.V. The word glitch was bouncing around in his head. What does this dumpster fire of a town got against them? They didn’t do anything wrong… Talas shook his head in annoyance. He quickly got dressed, seeing that he had to run errands he rushed and didn’t realize he had his T-Shirt on backward. He quickly got out of his room and sprinted to the kitchen. “Mornin’ Sis!” He called to his sister in the other room. His sister walked into the kitchen and looked at Talas. She snorted and then started laughing. “What?” Talas asked, Confused about why his sister was laughing. “Oh nothingggg. Just look at your T-Shirt and you’ll see.” “Hm?” Talas looked at his T-Shirt. “Oh…Heh. Must have been in a rush so I wasn’t paying attention. Thanks, sis.” “No problemo Talie!”. Talas quickly ran back to his room and flipped his T-shirt right side up and then sprinted out again. “Cya Sis!” Talas opened the front door. “Cya Talas!”
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(oh, hey! i haven't been on this site much lately, but i couldn't help but notice this is getting a reboot! could i be my characters from last time (peter pan and cinderella)?)